How to Be Considered The BEST of the Best

You don’t need me to tell you about the power of referrals.

You’ll already ask for one after a job well placed. You might even have a few on LinkedIn, proudly displayed like war medals on the lapel of your profile.

“[Insert name] is a great recruiter. I’d happily recommend them for anyone looking to hire or find their dream job”

You’ll use referrals yourself.

Think about how much you read the review section on Amazon before buying something.

The interest with which you hold the respective review will increase with the investment. If you’re buying a new stress ball, you won’t need social proof.

If you’re buying a new car. Or a new TV. You’re going to want to know other people in your situation are happy with their purchase.

Now think about hiring managers, and candidates specifically at the senior end of your market. Think about the investment they’re putting into your hands with every interaction. It’s either thousands and thousands of pounds… or their career.

Giving them the capability to make their decision with social proof, reviews and referrals is a major turning point in winning you business. And much like the evolution of your personal brand, this is the business you don’t even know about.

It’s clients you’d never have heard of. Roles you’d never have won. Money you’d never have made.

And all this hard work’s done in the mind of your future counterpart even before you’ve spoken. It’s the equivalent of vlogging, blogging, hosting events, workshops and seminars for years. It’s about being famous in the eyes of people who don’t know you.

Now, we’re pretty big lovers of personal branding. And to be crystal clear, you’ve got one even if you’ve never posted online. But that brand’s stuck as a phone or email voice.

Naturally, taking that dry, witty, charismatic personality and showing it to more people will yield results. What referrals and reviews do, is take it even further.

Not only do you become well known. But it’ll be for the one thing you want to be known for.

Doing your job, damn well.

So, how do you build a portfolio of referrals?

Well, if you’ve been religiously doing it for years, you might have them saved.

Maybe someone will be willing to scroll through your LinkedIn profile and find them? Although, they’ll only do that if you’re active on LinkedIn.

In reality, the process of becoming ‘positively peer reviewed’ has always taken a lot of time, and even more effort.

And it’s solely reliant on the person you ask, remembering.

Not anymore.

There’s now a tool for recruiters that automates all of this.


What is it?

Simply, Sourcr’s a tool which automates the collection of reviews and testimonials, and propels individual recruiters and their brands.

Basically, it’ll help you stand out amongst your competition. And not only that, it’ll open up new avenues for business. Because a business which has a long line of positive reviews is something worth shouting about.

And at time of last check, you’re still running a business, in a business.

Are you happy relying on occasional LinkedIn testimonials from people you’ve never met?

“The industry’s needed accountability for a while. And reviews are a good way for that to happen.”

Chris Almond, Sourcr Co-Founder.

Imagine you’re a recruiter using Sourcr. Instead of signing off with ‘hope you’re well’ and hoping for the best, you include a link to your reviews in your email signature.

Think about the chances of that person working with you when furnishing a headhunt message with:

“Don’t take my word for it, hear what people I’ve worked with have said about me…”

It takes your personal branding to the upper echelons of the market. And it does it in the background, while you wrap up the admin for your new business.


I know what you’re thinking here… ’cause I thought the same thing. This is going to mean more admin. It’s going to mean I have to work twice as hard just to get the reviews back.

Actually, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear Sourcr integrates with most CRMs and ATSs.

So if you use Vincere or Bullhorn or JobAdder or a list of many others, it actually means next to no admin.

Sourcr links with Google too, naturally.

So you can showcase your reviews on your site, through search results and even drive more traffic to your website.

And when they get there, the third party reviews will build trust and credibility to turn browsers into buyers.

That could mean an influx of clients. But it’ll also play well on the candidate side.

There’s also team reporting, net promoter scores, articles and guides to becoming better, and social sharing for those times you feel like shouting from the rooftops.

And naturally, given Sourcr’s a recruiter platform, there’s integration with LinkedIn. Meaning you can can showcase every stunning review there too and bulk up the native reviews you might’ve already won.


It’s not a shock to hear me say recruiters often don’t have a great reputation.

In fact, the whole industry’s tarred with the bad brush fairly occasionally.

So you’ll know how important reputations are. You’ll already be saying mentally “Not me mate, I’m one of the good ones.”

And you might be.

You might be better than the rest. Best in your office. Best in your city or market?

The only trouble is, very few people know it.

Sourcr is your answer to changing that.

And with it, your chance ­of success in recruitment.


Yup, that’s right.

Sourcr are offering premium access to their platform, for free, for three months.

Sign up here.

Oh, and if Sourcr sounds like the type of business you’d like to join on their rocket ship to the top… they’re on Hunted.

Check out the demo below and start charting your rise to infamy.

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