Future Proof Recruitment Careers: Enquire Within

Future proof careers.

Is there such a thing?

Mike Davies, CIO of KCOM has found that businesses working across all sectors are now investing in technology to improve areas like customer experience and create new product developments.

This means there is a growing demand for IT-centric skills.

With the increase need for Tech specialists in all spaces, there are more candidates that need to be found. And more clients that need your help finding them.

Which means more money to be made.

Below are 5 brands on Hunted that are riding the tech wave and profiting off this booming market.


Templeton & Partners

With 21+ years in the industry, Templeton & Partners can offer their Consultants clients and hot vacancies that are available from day one. This means you’ll never have to cold call for your entire career with them.

Specialising in contract recruitment within Technology and Digital, Templeton & Partners have placed their offices in Technology hubs around the world including Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.



Hosts of the largest DevOps meet up in the world, LinuxRecruit has dived in to their market and created a name for themselves in the industry, in a quick timeframe.

They create regular content for the DevOps community and an interactive blog which their clients contribute to. LinuxReruit are an extension of the DevOps & Open Source industry, rather than ‘just another recruitment company’.

This means you benefit from a reputation that’s positive. Rather than none at all, or worse, negative. The knock-on effect that has for business is plain to see.



Data, Digital, Cloud and Security recruiters, Empiric is the creator of Next Tech Girls. This is an initiative to get more women into the tech sector, and they’re producing great results too.

Their commitment is to get 5,000 girls into work experience placements by 2020.

Alongside their commitment to increasing females in the sector, Empiric also champions diversity in their own office and are involved in LGBT activities amongst others. If you want to work for a business that’s committed to levelling the playing field, Empiric is hard to beat.



Combining the newest technology and the latest analytics trends, WorksHub offers a unique and revolutionary way to recruit. If you’re looking for “something a bit different” or a smarter way to work, WorksHub are the one for you.

Of course, humans will always have a place in recruitment. But any assistance they can get along the way is a bonus for all. WorksHub look for revolutionary recruiters. The outliers. The  innovators. And they want them all to come and join their ranks.

Say goodbye to the drudgery of labour intensive work, and allow yourself to be free for the human touch. While their tech works its socks off in the background.


Arrows Group

Working with an A list client base including Credit Suisse, Right Move, Adobe and Babylon, Arrows operates across Open Source, Front End/Mobile, Infrastructure, BA/PM and Microsoft.

They’re a Sunday Times 100 Best Small Company To Work For, and specialise within tech recruitment. Offering a fun environment for recruiters at all levels Arrows’ success is matched by benefits to suit all. Including the working family with child care vouchers and private health care.

And for those looking for the jet set life, hit the Executive Club and you could find yourself in Miami.


Sound like a bit of you?

Why not take a digital stroll through the offices of those above. You don’t even have to leave your desk. If anything piques your interest, simply swipe right, or chat directly with a level of invisibility Harry Potter would envy.

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