Ed Hunter: The 11 different ways to reject a candidate

Every time I see complaints about recruiters, one of the main topics that pops up is a lack of honest feedback and rejection. As someone who understands the importance of honest feedback I find it quite frustrating.

I’ve racked my brain trying to understand why there are consultants out there who just aren’t up front and honest about these things?

Essentially… you’re making us all look bad!

So, being the nice guy and super recruiter I am, I’ve compiled a few tips for the less able amongst us.

Consultants who struggle with giving bad news… read on. The below will help you to deal with the problem head on, like a mature, responsible recruiter would.

1. Pressing a loud buzzer above the 2 out of three candidates who didn’t get the gig


2. Dave Benson Phillips pulling the lever for the gunge pit


3. A home made catapult fired from the office boardroom to the candidates house, or next interview


4. A Montgomerie Burns style trapdoor


5. Walking the plank, the successful candidate is the one who doesn’t show fear. It’s a psychometric based test


6. Sky Writing or a Plane Banner at the half time point of their phone interview


7. The Bat Signal replaced with a thumbs down (Night time dependent)


8. Quote TV programmes in the hope they get the message “you know at the end of apprentice when alan sugar says his famous line??…… yeah that’s a good bit hey”


9. Tell them you can only put forward candidates who can rhyme a word with Orange… then slowly leave the room


10. The Voice style interview but the chairs turn the other way round


11. Hand them a copy of Greg Savage’s “15 ways to make sure I WILL NOT hire you” and underline the appropriate ones


So there you have it. Use any of these you’d like to. If you have any other ideas I’d like to hear them…


…You could just call them and be honest… Up to you.