What Makes a Great Recruiter in Los Angeles?

What makes a great recruiter in Los Angeles? Is there a formula you can apply which will set you up to succeed? And what tips can you learn from those already doing great stuff in the market?

Today, we’re in the City of Angels, brushing shoulders, digitally at least, with Signify Technology.

A business started in London. Now operating both there, the constant sunshine of the West Coast of America and Austin, Texas.

So whether you’re a UK recruiter swapping your umbrella for suncream. Or an LA native looking to learn more about the local market, what is there to learn from a business plying their trade on these sunny shores?

What kind of personality fits well?

And what are the universal truths, to ensure success?

What Makes a Great Recruiter in LA?

Tip number one: “Niche pays off”

This would be an obvious statement for a UK recruiter. Back in Blighty many recruiters are niche, due in part to the difference in size of the comparative nations and the maturity of the respective industries.

In Britain, having a smaller, more refined network is the best way to recruit.

The technical knowledge of a recruiter supplying too many specialisms pales in significance to those focusing on tighter markets.

Against a backdrop of generalist recruitment firms and high reliance on internal teams, this attitude pays even greater in Los Angeles.

Signify focus on SCALA. Which they quip is “the next Java”. 

But their regimented approach in specialism leaves a smaller market, and therefore greater ability to be well known.

A recruiter’s knowledge is constantly increased if you only chat to one type of professional all day, everyday.

How much can you really learn if you’re shifting between Java and .Net, a quick hop over to Mobile Development, then maybe an Ops Man?

It’s too wide.

And it’ll show in the depth of your conversations with industry heavyweights.

Imagine ‘the best candidate’ in a particular market. They live and breathe this niche. They’ve written books. They give speeches. They’re in demand and carry a hefty salary.

How inspired can they be by someone without an exquisite understanding of their role?

This is what’s propelled the team at Signify through their landing on US soil. And it’s something they wouldn’t compromise on, whether it’s the US or elsewhere.

Tip number two: Candidates are better clients

In smaller networks, the strength of your relationship is what sells.

For niche areas like Scala, the argument above about the top candidates preferring detailed industry knowledge is more true than ever.

Rewarding relationships don’t happen overnight though.

And this is where the focus of a UK centric recruiter may falter slightly, depending on their background and skillset. In the UK, largely speaking, there’s money to be made on the phone. It’s not universal of course, but the work behind a recruitment desk isn’t necessarily done in person.

In LA it very much is.

But it’s a chance to show yourself as an ally. And you’ll often find winning the work with clients is the easy part. Which means there’s a plentiful list of them.

The tricky bit is keeping it going and maintaining the wins for each party. And that starts with exceptional candidate relations.

What Makes a Great Recruiter in LA?

Tip number three: First impressions count

‘Third party, agency recruitment’ in America’s not exactly a rarity any more.

But it’s far from the norm.

So standing out, ironically means blending in. Just, not with recruiters.

Mirror your market. In everything from attire to attitude and most specifically location.

Attend network events. Meetups. Soireés. Coffee mornings.

OK, I know that’s not possible in person right now. But it won’t be long until it is. Immersing yourself where your network is, digitally or physically, will pay off.

Tip number four: Impact lives longer than impulse

You might look at this statement and think the impact I’m referring to is yours, as a recruiter, to impose.

And it is.

You obviously need to know your game. And do what you say you’ll do. Life as a recruiter is built on your word. Live to it, and your reputation will do the rest.

But rather than give you that rather obvious statement, I’m talking about the impact your candidates have on the world.

Everyone wants to impact the world around them.

And selling the opportunity to do that will mean you’ll sell more. You’ll tie yourself to the movers and the shakers. You’ll have your pick of clients, and candidates will want to work with you.

This is something Signify Technology focus on in LA.

Making sure when all’s said and done, they’re not just spot-fixing problems. They work on great projects and with great people. And they try to help their candidates make a real difference in the world.

Because that’s how you stand out. Whether you’re in LA or London.

What Makes a Great Recruiter in LA?

Tip number five: Social sells

Social media’s still a touchy subject for some recruiters.

It may work for businesses where being online and growing a personal brand is deemed as non-productive. A time drainer. One of those things you do at the end of the day.

Signify turned this approach on its head.

They’re active in the Scala community. But a big part of that is growing their understanding and presence online too. To do business well in LA right now, that’ll be the same for you.

That might mean spending more time on Twitter. 

It might mean creating memes for your network.

Or joining Facebook groups all about the Tech.

But even when this period of isolation’s over, online will remain a big opportunity. Go where your network are. In most cases, they’ll be online somewhere. So find them and start talking to them.

A huge 35% of Signify’s network in Los Angeles has been unearthed through social media. That number will probably only rise in the future.

Fancy finishing this article with some good news?

Signify Technology are hiring now.

You can apply directly and anonymously with a Hunted profile. Meaning you’re only a few clicks away from a successful career recruiting in LA.