Five Recruitment Agencies With Unlimited Holiday

Almost all full-time workers in the UK are entitled to 28 days paid annual leave a year. That’s a legal requirement.

Upping it from 28 to say… I don’t know, 365 might seem like a bonkers idea. But let’s have a butchers at companies that’ve done it well.

The idea originated in Silicon Valley during the 90s and spread. Nowadays, Netflix’s holiday policy’s only two words long:

“Take vacation”

I understand they’re doing quite well.

Branson took the idea from the streaming service and ran with it across Virgin companies. And as far as I know, they aren’t exactly struggling for a foothold on the global stage either.

Obviously you wouldn’t take the full working year off. Because you’d never get anything done. But that’s basically how the policy works.

As long as you do your job, please by all means enjoy your life.

So if you frequently find your processes ticking along nicely, you’re capable of doing a decent handover, and you’re putting more on the board quarter after quarter, you’re probably in quite a healthy place in your career.

And what Recruiter wouldn’t want their passport stamped more than a loyalty card at an artisanal coffee shop?

Here are five companies currently hiring on Hunted that focus on what you bring to the table. Not how many trips you take to Ibiza.


There are myriad reasons why an unlimited holiday policy make sense. And not all of them involve placing yourself on a beach and not moving for a week and a half.

Imagine changing jobs just as you’ve had your first born.

Lee joined Brighton based expand executive search just as his first child arrived. Top of his priority list was ensuring his wife didn’t have to work and could be at home with their baby. He also wanted to build a team and move into leadership eventually.

5 years on, he’s leading a team of 7, been promoted 3 times, and is now an equity holding Director.

Unlimited holiday and flexi-hours made what could have been the most stressful time of his family’s life that little bit easier.

Want to join a high performing search firm that puts family first?

Check out expand executive search on Hunted


Headquartered in Crawley, RBW Consulting are Medical & Life Science, IT, Data Science and HR recruiters who’ve grown rapidly since 2007.

Their list of benefits doesn’t just include an uncapped commission structure. We’re talking car allowance, a profit share payout, parties and Director’s lunches throughout the year, your birthday off and monthly team drinks.

This is a company that comes from humble beginnings. And now gets to give back to the world through their CSR program. They care about their Consultants. And they want to give them the opportunity to volunteer for international community projects.

Whether you’d like to see the world on vacation, or to get some extra curricular work done, the option’s there. 

RBW’s Brighton office is only a pebble’s throw from the beach. So even if your holiday plans are more locally focused, you’re covered.

They’re hiring across verticals at the moment. So if you’re the right fit for RBW, they’ll find the right market for you.

Check out RBW Consulting on Hunted



Knowit own the Product Development space in London and Manchester. They offer their Consultants real autonomy, and incredible incentives to reward them.

At the time of writing, Knowit have 106 reviews on Google. Only three of them aren’t five stars (they’re four). That’s 103 out of 106 perfect scores.

Now that could be due to the awesome service they give their clients. It could be the fortnightly team discussions, where everyone gets a say in the direction the company goes in.

Or it could be the unlimited holiday thing, because that’s pretty cool too.

What else is on your recruitment wish list?

30% commission? Flexitime? Dress down? Gym lunches? 2 days working from home?

Well aren’t you in luck.

Check out Knowit on Hunted


Businesses that encourage you to take as much holiday as you like are prone to doing plenty of other things differently too.

The Barton Partnership know that networking and relationship building’s vital for growth in recruitment. What’s different about them is they actually get in and about their market. Living and breathing it.

They’re a niche, executive recruitment agency, based in London with offices in New York, Singapore and Europe.

Every year, they hold events discussing all things strategy, transformation, and leadership.

Previous speakers include Sir Clive Woodward, Dame Kelly Holmes, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and this year’s guest, Seb Coe.

It’s a chance to hear stories and experiences that are relevant to candidates and clients alike. Which is a level of immersion that will set you apart from the crowd.

Imagine taking a week away knowing you’ll be coming back to one of those, and that business will be booming,

Check out The Barton Partnership on Hunted


Major Players provide onsite talent solutions to the creative, digital and tech space. And they’re looking for a Talent Partner to join them in the next phase of their journey.

You’d be working with one client, not juggling several. 

Which means you’d have impeccable insight into the way they work. You’d be a key part of your client’s hiring strategy. And you’d understand their business on another level.

Given that you’d managed every aspect of their recruitment too, you’d imagine you wouldn’t have to worry about a client going quiet on you again either.

And if you thought Major Player’s unlimited holiday policy was progressive, you should read about what they’re doing to better cater for candidates in the gig economy.

We wrote that up in a separate article, which you can read here.

In a nutshell: they’re much closer with their candidates and clients than most agencies, and they let their Consultants take as much holiday as they please. What’s not to like?

Check out Major Players on Hunted

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