Five Agencies With An Eye on Wellbeing

Wellbeing often gets neglected in your search for a new job. It’s something you might consider as a secondary thought to commission schemes, great leadership team or previous market success.

But a company offering support in wellbeing is one which thinks about their culture. 

It’s about creating a supportive culture which gives staff a better chance of handling the stresses of the job.

You’ll normally find a link between this support and great retention.

And if your employer’s unlocked the secret to longer retention it means not only will your chances of long-term success improve, but also your long-term happiness.

You’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are happier, and be given every chance to make your career a long and happy one.

Here’s 5 companies who will prioritise you and your career.

escape the city


A chance for you to have a successful recruitment career in Kent, be treated as an adult and get supported every step of the way.

Movement8 offer the opportunities of a London style agency, without the commute in to the city.

They’ve maintained an international network, offer no threshold commission and individual incentive plans for every consultant at the beginning of every financial year.

Movement8 run classroom, masterclass and at desk training sessions as well as “on demand” bespoke sessions. They’re dedicated to your improvement.

You deserve some peace. Find it here.

unlimited holiday

Few & Far

If you’re chasing both success and happiness, London based Few&Far could be the answer.

They’ve put a strong emphasis on wellbeing and work-life balance. This is shown in both their offering and culture.

Things like unlimited holiday, company-wide holiday incentives, a social committee to make sure your diary’s full and fun, gym-length lunches, 2 days working from home, and much more.

At Few & Far, everyone has a voice.

No longer are you a passenger in your own career.

Be heard.

employee wellbeing

BIE Executive

BIE’s reputation is built on long-standing personal relationships.

They care about their people.

They’ve cultivated a culture where people can talk openly about mental health. Which in recruitment is rare and refreshing.

BIE want to make your life easier.

They offer the flexibility to work from home every week, private healthcare, a highly rewarding commission scheme, gym memberships from a truly supportive, harmonious office.

Focus on supporting a great network and let BIE support you.

positive atmosphere


Whether you need to start later or leave early, Hanover offer flexitime to help their employees regulate their work-life balance as much as possible.

Just having this policy in place makes Hanover more supportive than a lot of agencies. Their dressed down teams work in loft-style offices full of music, table tennis, free breakfasts, and friendly dogs.

At Hanover there’s a really positive atmosphere, no hierarchies and lots of laughs.

They’ll support you in international markets and have one of the best tech stacks going. All to help you feel supported.

This could be you – just click here.

exceptional retention

Portfolio Group

With a combined 230 years of recruitment experience, Portfolio Group know wellbeing and culture account for a lot. They focus on developing their staff and want you to grow with them. It’s no wonder they have exceptional staff retention.

This is a business you can rely on.

Where you’ll be happy and successful in your career. They have a great commission structure, private medical cover, life assurance, dog friendly offices and enough trips away to constantly top up your Vitamin D.

Want a more rewarding career? Check them out now.

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