Look Smart Work Smart

They say “clothes make the man”.

Well, Mark Twain said that. He also followed up by adding: “naked people have little or no influence on society”. So who can say how much wisdom’s contained in those words.

Another quote from another Marc. This one with a C, and Jacobs:

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”.

So as a Recruiter, while it won’t mean much unless you’ve got the invoices to back it up, you can’t deny scrubbing up affects how you’re perceived.

And perception is reality.

Agree with it or not, how you’re presented makes a difference in how you’re interpreted. And being suited and booted says “board room”. It says ‘I’m a walking testament to authority’.

Dressing sharper than Dylan Moran’s wit after three pints communicates a certain relationship with success. And in markets and industries where perception’s vital in building trust and long-lasting relationships, it may even dictate what opportunities you stand to encounter in your career.

There’s a science to being suited and booted.

You’re tapping into cognitive biases. Specifically what’s called the ‘halo effect’.

Basically when a person shows outstanding qualities in one area – say, appearance – we’re inclined to assume they meet equally high standards in other areas of their life.

Although a bit of sartorial decoration won’t work on its own, what you wear is important.

It’s a tool. It can help endear you to your market. And make you feel like you’ve strapped body armour on ahead of a day on the phones.

Here are three brands that are so sharp they’ve earned the Suited & Booted badge for their Hunted profiles.

Look Smart Work Smart 1

Charles Levick

They don’t just dress well here. They earn well too. Commission’s calculated quarterly and goes up to 40%.

Meaning if you feel like you can bill £300K a year – with the backing of a business that’s been providing global solutions to banking, finance, insurance, professional services and technology organisations for over a decade – you stand to take home almost half what you bill.

I suppose you’ve gotta dress for the job you want.

And their commitment to you looking good extends to a £150 suit allowance per annum.

Now, being suited and booted doesn’t automatically mean KPIs and micromanagement come thrown in as standard. In fact, at Charles Levick, if you need to get in a bit later and dash off earlier to do the school run, that’s all good.

They’re right next to the Gherkin in London and a few blocks from the Empire State Building in New York.

Check them out, here.

Look Smart Work Smart 2


Interex were set up four years ago by then 23 year old entrepreneur Jamie Fraser, and have since grown to become a leading staffing specialist in the Microsoft Dynamics space. They’ve opened offices in London, New York and Frankfurt since their inception.

It’s a company where a focus on looking the part runs parallel to a keen focus on a niche market. Specialising in MS Dynamics means they’ve been able to really corner their market, which has led to year on year growth. And some very well rewarded Consultants.

You’ve got Consultants there with contract books running at £10K a week.

Consultants taking home £170K in commission a year.

You don’t always get to that stage by following a rigid course. Sometimes you need the agility a youthful brand provides to make the kind of decisions that’ll accelerate the growth of your business.

At Interex, Consultants are able to set their own targets. So if you want all your driving lessons covered for hitting yours, go for it.

Sign on the line that is dotted.

Look Smart Work Smart 3

Ropner Fredriks

Executive search firm Ropner Fredriks don’t just do recruitment.

The private equity side of the business links Consultants directly with buyers and sellers. So getting out and being seen by their market is a priority here.

Not an environment that’s heavily KPI’d or micromanaged, the flat structure means someone coming in would have as much responsibility as they’d want.

There’s the option to join as a Resourcer and make all the connections you can over the phone or in person. Or run a major 360° desk from minute dot.

With the option of equity after 18 months.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, where the average deal size is between 25K and 60K HK dollars, they also have offices in Singapore and London’s Mayfair.

Just make sure you’re dressed the part.

Suited & Booted

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