Escape The City: 7 Agencies to Help Cut Your Commute

You dive onto the carriage just as the doors close. You’re late. Because, once again, you snoozed your alarm. Twice.

It’s raining.

The sweat from your brow mixes with your rain sodden face, streaming into your eyes. They sting.

All the seats are taken and so are the spots to stand. So you’re now so tightly packed you’ve created your own seat. You’ll never find out his name and he definitely minds, but you probably won’t see him again anyway. Thankfully he’s a clean seat. Unlike the rest of the carriage which smells like wet dog.

It might be freezing outside, but the heaters are on full blast in here.

Everyone’s heading into the city centre.

‘Why do I bother?’ you think.

‘If only there were great agencies based outside of the city centre, I wouldn’t need to spend so much of my day sardined into this tin can.’

Well, fear not. Cause I’ve got you sorted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re southern or northern, I’m gonna save your day. And possibly your sanity.

Here are my top agencies based outside of your city centre…

1. JAM

JAM Recruitment

Based in Sale.

JAM cover Engineering, Manufacturing, IT and Professional Services – working with some huge international clients.

They can help you escape public transport not just by being located outside of the city centre – they also have a car allowance scheme. So, you can get those sweet wheels you’ve been eyeing up.

JAM Consultants are high performers. Maybe it’s the commission structure that incentivises them. Maybe it’s the regular holiday targets.

Or maybe it’s that their consultants pick up business based off JAM’s great reputation.

NES new

NES Global Talent

Based in Altrincham.

I’ve chosen the Altrincham office. But there were another 44 I could choose from. Because NES have offices worldwide.

They’re one of the leading worldwide agencies across Oil & Gas, Power, Construction & Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Mining, Chemicals, IT and Digital. Not too shabby, eh?

Let me be a little more informal with this one as I know NES incredibly well. I’ve helped quite a few people get a role there, and they all love it.

This is the feedback I’ve received:

– It’s a mature environment full of experienced recruiters.

– There’s great amounts of autonomy, and no micro management.

– However, the Managers are really supportive – they offer hands on help when you’re trying to break into key clients.

– They are really generous when it comes to looking after their staff – little things like buying rounds for their staff on a Friday night, just because.

– They trade of an internationally known name. Everyone knows who NES are.

1. Amoria Bond

Amoria Bond

Based in Didsbury.

If an agency has won an award for being an outstanding place to work, chances are they’re pretty good. If they’ve won a couple of awards, they’re probably really great.

Amoria Bond have won 20.

From The Recruiter’s Investing in People, to The Drum’s Recruitment Business Award, to The Sunday Time’s Top 200 International Places To Work, Amoria Bond’s dedication to their staff has been noted time and time again.

It’s no great surprise that Amoria Bond have a retention rate around 90% (industry standard’s around 60%).

And they’re based in the lovely leafy suburb of Disbury. Conveniently located next to some great pubs.

1. Energi People

Energi People

Based in Farnborough.

Being based in North Hampshire, Energi People are surrounded by lush forests and air so fresh it won’t take years off your life.

Energi People recognise the importance of support and mentoring in your career. Your managers aren’t hidden away in glass offices, they’re sat with you – not to micro manage, but to bounce ideas around with you when needed.

Of course, they’re a hugely successful environment, with consultants regularly hitting incentives – recent ones include Vegas, Monaco and Barcelona. But they also put huge emphasis on having fun and giving back to the community. They regularly donate to the charity Step by Step – in 2018 they’re doing a sponsored bike ride from London to Brighton.

1. Quanta

Quanta Consultancy Services

Based in Hemel Hempstead.

Quanta cover Life Sciences (if you’re unsure what that is, think Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices), Renewable Energy and IT.

Now, lots of companies claim to invest in their team member’s development. But very few go so far as to have a dedicated training coach to ensure all staff are performing to the best of their ability.

Quanta do. Well, they actually have two.

Fast track schemes across delivery, sales and management ensure their staff receive recognition for their hard work. And if you’re keen to brush up on your language skills, they also offer courses for that too. Tres Bien!

1. BondMoran


Based in Borehamwood.

BondMoran are big into ensuring their consultants have a good work/life balance. Yes, I know almost every company says that. But very few companies have a 4.5 day working week. That’s one sure fire way to escape a busy commute!

Perform well in BondMoran are you could be taking home 50% of your billings. Perform exceedingly well, and a conversation about running your own division within the business could be on the cards.

Crikey – with flexibility like that, twinned with those rewards, you’ll be laughing. All this based in the beautiful town of Borehamwood (also known as the British Hollywood – they don’t have a massive sign on a hill though).

1. CBSbutler


Based in Redhill.

If you wanted to find out the best engineering recruitment agency in the UK, a good place to start would be to find out who won Best Engineering Recruiter at the Recruiter Awards.

If you did that, one name would keep reappearing. CBSbutler.

They’ve won it 6 out of the last 8 years to be precise.

This competitive streak feeds into their consultants too – at the moment, they’re all chasing down their Barcelona incentive. Unlike other wildly unachievable holiday targets, at CBSbutler, billing 110% of your annual target will get you a trip away to the Catalonian Capital. Not at all bad for an extra 10%.

Based in Redhill, they could be a great shout for Surrey based recruiters who don’t fancy that commute into London.


There are some great options above, but don’t worry. Even if you like being in the city, we’ve got you covered there too.