Ed Hunter’s Recruitment Film Titles: The Sequel

Because the first article in this film series proved to be a blockbuster, I decided to release a sequel.

Only this time… It’s personal!

Recruiters on a plane

1. Recruiters On a Plane

John is enjoying his first overseas holiday in quite some time. As the Head of HR for a large international business he doesn’t get much family time. He’s looked forward to nothing else other than sitting on the beach, sipping a cocktail and watching his kids play in the sea, since it was booked 12 months ago.

Everything gets off to a great start… Until take off. When the woman sitting next to him orders her third glass of champagne.

John discovers he’s unwittingly delved into a recruitment company incentive trip. Will John survive the 9 hour flight dodging intoxicated and excitable recruiters as they become more and more inebriated?

And even more importantly will he be able to keep his identity a secret from the BD hungry pack. One of whom has ABC tattooed on their wrist? When what looks like the Sales Director takes over the plane’s tannoy, all forecasts hint at a bumpy ride!


Goodfellas title

2. GoodBillas

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Recruiter!” Henry Bill rises through the ranks of a small recruitment firm quickly and with pizazz. Supported by his graduate friends Jimmy and Tommy, Henry negotiates his way on to the Lufthansa PSL.

After buying expensive fur coats, a new Cadillac and being seen in the hottest joints in town, other recruiters and the HR department get wind of the trio’s success.

Challengers to their throne come from every angle, and nervousness and insomnia wreak havoc. That is until Tommy get’s invited to HQ for an important meeting. With rumours of a Board Level promotion for Tommy doing the rounds, the three are thrilled. Everything comes crashing down however when the meeting turns out to be work tribunal.

Side stepping Human Resources and attention from all the wrong people, will the good times unravel? Will Henry get out with his equity in tact? Will he have to start all over again in a run of the mill internal role?

“You know, we always called each other good billas. Like you said to somebody: You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He’s a good biller. He’s one of us”

Good Ed Hunting

3. Good Ed Hunting

Ed Hunting (Matt Damon) has a genius level EQ, but he chooses to work as a cleaner at various recruitment companies in the city. At night he leaves perfect CVs on the desks of consultants. When he secretly solves a top level retained search role, his talents are discovered by an industry heavyweight (played by actor James Caan) who decides to help the misguided wolf reach his potential.

When Ed is arrested for attacking an Internal Recruiter he’s offered a deal to get leniency by the judge, as long as he gets treatment from a career therapist.

Will Ed realise his humble beginnings aren’t his fault? Will he forever hide his talent from the world to the detriment of PSLs everywhere? Or will he rise to the challenge and accept one of the many handsome offers sent by the world’s leading Recruitment companies?

“Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.”



Dom is a skilled Recruiter, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extracting jobs. Picking up valuable roles from deep within the subconscious during the ‘meeting state’, when the mind is at its most vulnerable.

Dom’s talents have earned him a reputation and cost him everything he ever loved. He’s now too senior to actually go on meetings.

After being offered a rare chance at redemption Dom finds himself in the reception area for a PSL meeting.

He meets an old acquaintance who asks him to stop by for a chat about his hiring plans. On the way up the stairs he once again drifts into another chance meeting. A separate manager is dreaming of moving on. Dom realises he’s at a meeting, within a meeting, within a meeting. 

How far down the wormhole should he go before it’s time to get out? Can he achieve true INreCEPTION success without alerting other eavesdroppers in the vicinity? No amount of planning has prepared him for this.

Spinning his business card on the table in front, he realises… this chance is too good to turn down!

Fee Club

5. Fee Club

Ed is a normal recruitment consultant working a temp banking desk in London. He does well and floats on through life.

While his desk is doing well and his colleagues all seem to like him, his personal life is dire! Is there a world outside of the phone and the sales board?

After suffering with insomnia and other mental issues Ed seeks help. On his search he runs into an Umbrella Company owner who offers to show him a great way to deal with his issues… Fee Club.

On the surface it seems like an underground office full of salespeople who go there to BD in other markets for fun. Every night Ed turns up to BD in another country that’s awake while he should be asleep.

“The only rule of Fee Club is you don’t talk about billings. Or fee club.”

It’s not long before the group feel threatened. Made worse when Ed discovers the true purpose of Fee Club…

Will Ed get out alive? Can he ever go back to his normal life as a solid recruiter? Does he want to? 

Once upon a time in6. Once Upon a Time in Holborn

A group of CV slinging Recruiters, wild on filling jobs, run into trouble after making their way across the rugged landscape of West Central London.

They’re on the blood trail of a requirement that will land them all their financial target for the year.

A rogue rival agency kingpin is planning a pitch to the conglomerate’s HR Business Partner, setting out a coup d’etat that will send shockwaves through the first and second tiered agencies.

Luckily a corrupt HR assistant enlists the group to stop the process. Can rival recruiters and previously sworn enemies put differences aside to deliver the retribution required? Will ‘Thirsty Thursday’ at the local saloon turn nasty? Only time will tell.