Ed Hunter’s Recruitment Film Titles: Five of the Best

So as I suspected, you guys really came up with the goods in our search for the best recruitment themed movie titles.

To hold up my end of the bargain, I have picked a few of my favourites and written up a summary of the potential storylines.

Disclaimer – Most of the comments were amazing, and this article would be 10 times longer if I didn’t have to get on with some real recruitment this week…

So here’s my top 5:

No. 1 – Straight Outta Candidates

 This story details the struggle of inner city recruiters in a job-heavy market, all of whom are trying to find & supply some of the best candidates when there’s been no good ones around for ages.

They decide to join forces and form “The World’s Most Dangerous Recruitment Company”.

Whilst other recruiters had given up and moved on, the R.W.A (Recruiterz With Aptitude) are on a mission to revolutionise the industry. Without stepping on their former bosses turf, and having combined their networks and consolidated their candidate supply – their careers soar to new heights. They focus on teamwork and implement a scalable cloud CRM system to make their processes more efficient.

They’ve built a global recruiting empire in no time, but they soon realise – it’s not just the candidates that can’t be trusted…


No. 2 – Placed in 60 seconds

When Ed Hunter decided to leave the bustling recruitment pastures of Holborn for the leafy suburbs of Surrey – Agency placements in London immediately fell by 45%.

Everything was going well for Ed until his brother, Bill Bigger; took on a hefty RPO contract that he was unable to fill within the agreed timeframe.

With just 24 hours until the deadline – Ed must take the 07.42 train from Woking to Waterloo, then walk briskly over Waterloo Bridge – making a surprise return to city recruitment.

He brings the old crew back together for one night of pure ‘old school’ recruitment to save his brothers business from going under…


No. 3 – The Recruitinator

In the year 2029, the recruitment industry is facing destruction at the hands of a new recruitment cyborg (CRM-3000). The only resistance is lead by one fearsome and rebellious individual – Reg Cabbage.

CRM-3000 sends The Recuitinator back in time to 1995 to kill Reg before he has any idea of what is to come in the future. Reg must survive using only his Rolodex and fax machine but faced with the most powerful recruiter in the world – the CRM-3000 (featuring every integration imaginable, a LinkedIn Dominator account);

Can Reg save the industry as we know it?


No. 4 – Fifty first interviews 

This is the tragic story of an HR manager who suffers from a brutal memory disorder; every night forgetting everything she did the day before.

Unbeknown to her, an unlikely agency recruiter fresh off the grad-scheme steps up to fill the un-fillable. From an average three month hiring process – can they condense the entire end-to-end hiring process into one day?

It’s a tale of incredible influence and coordination to secure a candidate the perfect job. Will he make the placement? Will he get on the PSL? One rookie recruiter on a mission to win the fee of his career.


No. 5 – Retain-man 

Charlie’s life as a recruiter is turned upside down when he discovers that he has a previously secret half-brother; Mitch.

It’s all fine and dandy until Charlie finds out that Mitch has some ‘special’ qualities about him.

It’s tough at first. That’s until Charlie learns that Mitch’s one amazing skill could change both of their lives forever. Although he doesn’t have the highest level of empathy to his fellow recruiters, Mitch has an incredible ability to sell retainers to anyone, anywhere.

Charlie and Mitch travel the country collecting 33.33% of the fee’s from every client possible – but does Charlie intend on filling these roles? Or can Mitch make him change his ways…


One for luck: Dial-hard

 London recruiter Ed Hunter is on holiday in LA when he gets an invite to an old colleagues Christmas party.

His travels are great up until things take a turn for the worse. A disgruntled client turns up and takes every recruiter hostage, except for Ed who manages to get to some form of safety within the building.

Upon discovering Ed – the client turned terrorist demands he fills twelve ‘tough to fill’ positions that have been open for the last 6 months.

During the height of xmas party season, Ed has to use all of his recruitment skills in a market he know’s nothing about. Armed with just a phone and a premium LinkedIn account – Ed sets out to save day!


Until next week my fellow hunters.