Ed Hunter: Would You Rather?

Recruitment’s full of ‘would you rather’ questions.

No, I’m not talking about your colleagues. I mean, would you rather… trudge into work or have the day sitting in your underwear?

Would you rather… punch your nagging boss in the face or get paid your hard-fought commission?

Would you rather… pick up the phone for the 327th time today or delve through the Best of Ed Hunter?

All interesting questions.

But not as good as the below.

Answer them and you’ll find out what kind of recruiter you truly are. Maybe you’re Top Biller material? Maybe you’re destined for greatness? The only way you’ll know is by clicking on the link. Probably.

(DISCLAIMER: Whatever type of recruiter you are, you’re still a recruiter. We’re brethren. Never forget. We’re in this together.)