Ed Hunter: Who Wants To Be a Recruiter?

Everyone wants to be a Millionaire. Only a few ever make it. Slightly less people want to be a recruiter. Not sure why, they’re pretty much the same thing.

To be a recruiter is to be rich in so many ways.

Mainly financially, but you also get a lot of free business cards too.

Today, I thought I’d conduct a little quiz, done in a fresh, ‘en vogue’ format, to see whether you’ve got the mustard to make it to the top.

Question 1)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Gatekeeper Question

Answer: B – No one knows.

Just ask them in your first call. Then laugh at the time it takes them to describe what anyone else would call “declining phone calls.”

Question 2)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Parents Question

Answer: C – They’ve blocked me on LinkedIn.

They’re also glad I’m not in prison, but only because I’d be a natural target with this face.

Question 3)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Resoucer Question

Answer: D – A total f**king imbecile

His tea isn’t anywhere near good enough to get paid and because of me he’s no longer poor. He does laugh at my jokes however so he can’t be completely dead behind the eyes.

Question 4)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Internal Question

Answer: A – Good people trying to make a living

Unless you’re talking about any of the ones I work with, in which case they’re poor, failed recruiters who are the lowest of the low.

Question 5)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Reputation Question

Answer: B – I’m one of the good ones

Course you are petal. And I’m Mother Theresa come back from the grave to guide your soul on the troubled path you’ve found yourself on.

Question 6)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Deal Likely Question

Answer: D – Check your emails.

Even if you know it’s in. They’ve started. They’ve emailed and called to say they love it. Their partner’s thanked you at the family BBQ. They’ve sent a thank you note and present direct to your desk… it ain’t in until it’s in.

Question 7)

Ed Hunter Millionaire References Question

Answer: A – Chase leads

You can do the whole ‘ThIs Is SoMeThInG wE dO To MaKe SuRe We’Re WoRkInG wItH tHe BeSt’ for as long as you like. The first time you get a job on, without asking for it, you’ll know why you take references.

Question 8)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Quarter Bash Question

Answer: D – A lawsuit settled out of court

The lawsuit could be about the scuffle, or the tears or the weird stains on the random desk. But whatever it’s about, all three are certainties over the course of the year.

Question 9)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Love Most Question

Answer: D – Being a constant disappointment

The other options have their own merits, but nothing gives me more joy than letting people down.

Question 10)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Lesson Question

Answer: C – All people are liars

The sooner you know that the better. The better for everyone. Including the people who lie to you.

Question 11)

Ed Hunter Millionaire Bill Question

Answer: D – A third of what you tell people

Because… inflation. And if you told people the real number, you’d look like an amateur who spent their weekdays reading Ed Hunter posts instead of working.

 Get all of those right?

Congratulations, you are now a Recruiter.

Now… back to the phones with you.

Unless you’re already on target, then head here.