Ed Hunter: Ultimate Office Power Moves You NEED to Use RIGHT NOW

If you haven’t heard of power moves, you’re missing a few simple tricks to get ahead in life. Me releasing this white paper on power moves, is in fact a power move.

Get it?

Power moves are activities you can perform to assert your dominance over colleagues.

Your boss will use small power moves without you even noticing. Things like being last in the room for a meeting.

Or asking why the room’s so quiet as they dutifully trade banter with the new admin.

Well, here are a few power moves you can start using now to elevate your position at work…

When interviewing for a new job, ask their PA to cancel your other interviews as you enter the room

Angry Birds GIF

Microwave fish, leave an empty container with your colleagues’ name next to it.

Fight Kitchen

Grab the interviewer’s swivel chair and pull it closer as you whisper your talents.

Whisper GIF

Create your own individual commission scheme.

Billions GIF

Lock the office doors after you arrive first on Monday. Fellow winners will find their own way in or they’ll lose. Simple.

Doors Locked Obama GIF

EVERY TIME you answer the phone, stand up, place one leg on the desk, make eye contact with one person… Mic drop to finish

Mic Drop GIF

Ask your boss to meet you in the boardroom. Go to lunch.

Bean Checking Time GIF

Re-route the company landline to your mobile. Send every call to voicemail.

Peter Griffin Typing Nails GIF

Wear a watch for every timezone.

Loads of Watches

Whilst on the phone, randomly hit the desk with your fist and shout “DAMN YOU BRANNNSOOONN!” Whilst looking at the ceiling.

Damn You GIF

Clip your nails at someone else’s desk.

Slide on Desk GIF

Outsource your entire job to China.

Work Lazy Gif

Hire your own personal shoe shine for the office.

Shoe Shine GIf

Mark every client as yours on the database.

Mine Skeleton GIF

Start living under your desk.

Sleep Under Desk GIF

Delay delivery on your emails for 4am asking them to reply “at their earliest convenience.”

Happy Computer Gif

Wear your boss’s spare shoes to a meeting.

Boss's Shoes GIF

Paint your own name on the best parking spot.

Parking Spot GIF

Replace your swivel chair with an iron throne.

Iron Throne GIF


Use your new power wisely – don’t worry about fairly or compassionately, it’s recruitment.

Until next time.