Ed Hunter: Top Agency MD Worries He’s TOO Consultative

Ed Hunter chats to Agency MD Darren Groves about the new worry facing his business.

“We were doing well until the new website.” winces Darren when I ask him how business is.

“We were making placements, growing nicely. But I wanted a new website to set us apart.

“Y’ know, something to win us clients. Not just a place for people to poach our leadership team.”

Darren and business partner Rick hired a Brand Specialist to set them apart from their competition.

Working from their guidance, they forked out for a new website, brought in top level UX Consultants and came up with a tagline that the Branding agency said was proven, ubiquitous with the industry and eye catching.

The tagline:

Consultative in approach”

After feeling happy with the result, the two then hired an SEO Consultant to make sure their website ticked all the right digital boxes.

But shortly after the final cheque cleared, all initial optimism faded.

“We realised 98% of recruitment agencies say the same shit. It’s like they own the word bespoke.”

“It’s really ****ing annoying to be honest, it’s set us back 6 months.”

Unperturbed both Darren and Rick are pushing full steam ahead with plans to dominate the market.

“I’ve started a vlog.” adds Rick.

“Nothing full on, just my thoughts on things. Did one on milk today. Asking people which milk they drink. Did well. I’m doing bottled water tomorrow.”

Darren [side-eyeing me from the corner] interrupts.

“Basically it’s about being human. But also letting clients know we really are bespoke. And consultative. If anything we’re too consultative.”

“In fact we have Consultative written on our wall. And bespoke. We think about those words every time we pick up the phone. We just go the extra mile, and I think that makes us different!” 

Tough times

Despite the money the pair have spent, they’re confident their new website will yield a return.

“I’m spending my time looking for synonyms and Rick’s got his vlogging so… we’ll work it out”

“We cancelled this year’s trip because people didn’t hit their KPIs in December. So there’s money available for the site. They’ll thank us when the clients flood in.”

Good times ahead then for Darren and Rick.

They’ll soon be building on their impressive reputation, taking the Insurance Recruitment market by storm.

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Here’s a screenshot of yesterday’s Hot Topic to whet your appetite.

Ed Hunter Vlog Bathroom Tiles

Thanks to Darren and Rick from Bespoke Consultative Ltd.

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Back to you on the phones,

Ed Hunter.