Ed Hunter: To Her Majesty The Queen

A lot of you will have seen my letters previously. Including some of the replies.

SpaceX turned me down some time ago. Which is annoying, but I know they’ll live to regret it. As I told them in my rebuttal.

I also got a reply, misspelling n all, from the ‘Office of Theresa’.

Not May herself I should point out. I’d also like to mention I had NOTHING to do with her resignation a short time afterwards.

I did have an offer for her, but she tried to negotiate on the package and pissed everyone off.

For a while though, in a dimly lit basement, next to a bag of hardened cement and an old mattress… I’ve been working on a biggie.

I’ve written about one letter a week to Her Majesty the Queen, for the past few months.

My first one started out ridiculous. As you’d expect. I wasn’t expecting a reply really, so the second one I toned it down.

The third one was on the line between courteous and sublime.

And some time in the third month, I think after my eleventh letter I got a reply. I’m not going to post that until next week, but here’s the one that broke the camel’s back (that’s not a slight against HRH, who I’m told, actually isn’t too fond of sand, unless it’s a House-soaked evening set from the beach in Marbella).

An Open Letter to the Queen from Ed Hunter


You’ll be pleased to hear, among the pages was my letter to Theresa, with accompanying reply.

Next week I’ll share with you the reply I received from Her Majesty.

And let me tell you, it’s worth tuning in for.

Until then, here’s the included letter and reply from Theresa May with some of my proposed policies.