Ed Hunter: The Usual Recruitment Suspects (pt.2)

This post has been coming on for so long that even I was looking forward to reading it!  Here it is.

Another look into the wonderful world of recruitment offices and their weird and wonderful inhabitants…

The 80’s Throwback…

“Back in my day we used to fax CV’s”

Or even worse – “when I started in recruitment there was one computer in the whole office”

The 80’s throwback was working in recruitment when James Caan was still James Can’t, and when Robert was just a quarter (Get it?).

These are the go-to statements with the 80’s throwback whenever someone tests their technical knowledge. They see modern systems as a hindrance and long for the day they can feed reams of paper through the fax machine to block the clients number.

Most likely to: Have a mid-afternoon snooze to keep energy levels up.


The Tech Savvy Recruiter

These guys think that they’re the Steve Jobs of the recruitment world. Their candidates are always coded perfectly and their watch beeps whenever their phone rings (this is actually a thing).

Alright mate so you can fly around the system and code things up – well done. But can you put a picture in a word document and stop it from moving everything else around?

…. No.

No one can, so wind your neck in!

Most likely to: Try to “fix” your computer (uninvited) and end up making everything twice as bad as it was before they started.


The Exec Search Wannabe

This is my favourite…

This is the person who wears a tie on dress down Fridays.

They have never ever said the words ‘recruitment consultant’ when asked what they do for a living – even though they recruit for mid-level marketing roles.

‘Ideas above one’s station’ is a phrase made for the exec-search wannabe. They often get caught out when meeting someone who is actually in “exec search”, then fail to mention that the only retainer they’ve ever had they wore in their mouth when they were 14.

Most likely to: Not have any candidates for your new role because they deal with ‘much bigger roles’. Or wear salmon chinos to work.


The Lothario

This shouldn’t take too much description before you turn round to the office “Romeo” and say

“I think Ed Hunter is talking about you here!”

Not a hair out of place – pocket square – tie clip, he’s only in recruitment until his modelling career takes off.

The Lothario  loves working in secretarial recruitment and has the highest levels of… erm… “candidate care”. It isn’t just external relationships the Lothario cares about, no no no, the Lothario is very much a team player also and likes to keep it internal when he is “job heavy”.

I have worked with a couple of true 100% real Lotharios and both have told me about the “4 C’s”. If you don’t know what the  “4 C’s” are then follow me on Twitter and send me a message (recruiters only ;))


Over and out until next week…