Ed Hunter: The Recruitment Starter Pack

A lot of people might not know what to expect on reaching the next rung of the ladder in recruitment. What happens when you become Senior? How do you dress? How are you supposed to do your hair each morning?

Luckily, I know all of this stuff. And I’ve knocked up some starter packs to guide you.

These are the steps to follow in making sure you look completely in tune to your new position and not a complete newb…

Ed Hunter Recruitment Resourcer Starter Pack


If this is your first foray into the world of recruitment, everything probably feels a bit weird. Your first question will be “Is it really this easy?”

And the answer ‘s yes. It really is this easy.

Then, shortly after your first month you realise that’s why the job’s so hard.

If you work for a company that does Search, you’ve probably got the headier, dreamier, shinier title of ‘Researcher’. Oooohhhh exotic.

Rest assured, there’s no difference between the two. Just, Researchers probably have to wear a tie and have bragging rights over Resourcers. A bit like being the best of your mates at Warcraft. Good. Luck. With. That.

As you’re reading an Ed Hunter article however, you’re learning quickly. So click here for an article that will get you through the tough times.

You’re welcome.

Ed Hunter Senior Consultant Starter Pack


Senior Consultant

You’ve been around the block. You know your ATSs from your CRMs and you’ve seen enough to know they’re all absolute shit. You can quote the Day rate for a Dev in Djibouti on demand, and often day dream about making the shift yourself.

Primarily so you could develop recruitment software that doesn’t make you want to blow your brains out.

Then you realise that’d take more work and your earnings would drop for a few years.

So here you are. Still in recruitment. Still pretending you’re Ed Hunter down the pub with your mates. But it could be worse chap. You could be in HR. Dreary.

Ed Hunter Non-BIlling Manager Starter Pack

Non-Billing Manager

It’s not your fault. Listen to me. It’s not your fault.

If you had any idea how hard this gig would’ve been you wouldn’t have taken it. But you’re here now. What’s the alternative? Get back on the phones? You were never any good at that anyway. And the team know it. They can tell every time you use the upside down recruitment funnel.

But what other analogies are there? Head down. You’ll be in Majorca again in two months. Back at the time-share with Ken and Pat. They’re nice people. They like you. In spite of your career.Ed Hunter New Age Recruitment Director Starter Pack

New Age Recruitment Directors

Old school Directors escaped this article. Why? ‘Cause they’re a dying breed. If you make the move into the hazy world of Directorship now you’ve got to be different. You’ve got to be cool.

Sure, you’re God’s gift to recruitment. And yeah, you’re like Achilles reborn with your year round tan and designer stubble.

But your debts from your previous life will catch up with you one day. Your addictions are under control now and tattoos your only vice. Another six months of Keto and the shakes might stop.

Until then, make hay. You married your best friend on a beach two years ago, with your actual best friend taking the humanist ceremony.

Facebook went wild. And made another cracking anecdote for the Mrs’ lifestyle blog. Her Insta page reached 3,547 followers last FriYay.

The kids are old enough to ski this year too. And the unlimited holiday benefit’s working wonders for you. Not for anyone else, but f*ck ’em.

Need help understanding this brave new world? Click here.

Don’t feel down fellow recruiters.

No mater how bad things get, are you really gonna take this sort of abuse from a cartoon wolf?

Thought not.

See ya next week.