Ed Hunter: The Discretionary Bonus Exposé

One of the best things about working in recruitment is the complete meritocracy. You put effort in… You get money back.

I love getting people jobs!

I enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling when another candidate tells me I’ve changed their life. It’s heart warming to know their children can eat that month. And I get a kick out of knowing they’re keeping the wolf from the door (no not me… another wolf).

But you know what I love more than all of that? Commission. Cold hard commission. Because, frankly my base is disgraceful. But also, I like holidays.

So imagine my surprise when I found out about “Discretionary Bonuses” … that’s a financial reward that’s not related to your effort.

I know. Puzzling isn’t it.

Here’s the full low down in a rare video outing by yours truly.

You stay classy Recruiters. And, thanks for stopping by!


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