Ed Hunter: The Chuck Norris of the Recruitment world

There are comparisons drawn to me, quite a lot of the time.

“He’s like a modern day Shakespeare” mused one commuter almost certainly talking about me, yet inexplicably holding a picture of someone else.

“He thinks he’s Rod Stewart” wrote a complimentary Internal Recruiter in the comments section of my last post.

“He’s like a little weasel” exclaimed a short-sighted hiring manager after I bamboozled him with 30% terms when a ‘spec in’ got hired direct. (Obviously he kicked himself when he put his glasses back on… I’m a wolf mate)

One comparison I get more than most, is… obviously Chuck Norris. I mean, the likeness is almost too much. Don’t know what I mean..?

Let me explain. Here are the rumours I’ve so far heard whispered about myself on the grapevine.
I’ll let you decide which ones are true…
Tweet Logo Transparent small@tambot: “Ed Hunter knows where Wally is but won’t point him out unless it’s for a fee”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@wackojacko: “Ed Hunter takes only inbound calls on BD Day”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@fredq: “There are four licences on LinkedIn. Basic. Premium. Recruiter. Ed Hunter”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@wishy: “Ed Hunter’s researcher is the second top biller”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@edbbx: “Ed Hunter speaks fluent C++”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@jamescant: “Ed Hunter gets paid a retainer to work on contingency”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@js1984: “James Caan pitched an idea for a TV show to Ed Hunter, which he turned down.”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@alansugarhut: “Ed Hunter gave Richard Branson the idea for his business name after insulting him in a lift once.”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@chuckn1: “Ed Hunter can put square pegs into round holes. Flush.”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@recruiterchick178: “Ed Hunter always offers an overly generous package”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@savagegreg: “Companies spec themselves in to Ed Hunter”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@darrentheledge: “Ed Hunter can call back to a withheld number”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@jamhot: “You need oven gloves to handle Ed Hunters Candidate Hot list”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@glasswindow: “Ed Hunter knows which Glassdoor reviews are legit, and which aren’t”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@oracle: “All of Ed Hunter’s data is stored in an actual cloud”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@drilldown: “Ed Hunter’s office is sound proofed after his deal bell caused too many fire drills”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@trumpdon: “Ed Hunter fired Alan Sugar”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@narclose: “Pablo Escobar asked Ed Hunter how to hide cash”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@bdevo: “Ed Hunter can do 3 hours of client calls in 10 minutes”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@databass: “When Ed Hunter doesn’t put it on the system, it still happened”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@internalbleeding: “Ed Hunter tells internal recruiters he’ll keep them in mind”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@gandalf45: “Ed Hunter puts gatekeepers on hold until he is put through”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@chekurselfb4: “A rec-2-rec once asked Ed Hunter to go internal – no one has heard from them since”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@gdriddance: “Every time you like an Ed Hunter article an internal recruiter goes back to agency.”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@babewolf: “Ed Hunter was born holding a meeting folder and wearing a headset”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@beetlejuice: “If you say ‘Ed Hunter’ 3 times in the mirror – he appears and immediately picks up an exclusive job at full terms”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@lisalashes: “Ed Hunter sends his clients out with other agencies for pre-drinks”

Tweet Logo Transparent small@squirrelfarmfam: “Ed Hunter has a Purple Squirrel breeding farm”


The mystery continues…

Ed x