Ed Hunter: I’m not a sell out!

A lot of speculation has recently been voiced regarding my status in the recruitment world! So I’d like to clear up a few things… I am still very much a recruiter (a very good recruiter) and spend my days recruiting candidates, just like you.

Now, a while back when I was just starting out, I was evicted from my original home on LinkedIn. Cast into the street, I was left in a state of hopeless despair.

I turned down a few offers from the usual suspects, refusing to have my name bandied around willy nilly as an endorsement for this brand or that.

Then I caught a break. The kind people at Hunted offered to adopt me.

My values as a recruiter, my belief in this great industry were perfectly aligned with those of Hunted. They believed in me and together we believed we could make the (recruitment) world a better place.

With a tear in my eye, I accepted. Under one condition. I would never “sell-out”!

My integrity is imperative to me..!

Almost as imperative as the need for you to download Hunted (now on iOS and Android) the new app that’s sole purpose is to enhance every recruiter’s career… It is not only for recruiters looking to find a new role but has great tools for recruiters that want to organise their recruitment life!

I said to them, that I didn’t care that the app had 1000’s of recruitment roles in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA & more.

It didn’t matter that you could apply anonymously to them all with a click of a button.

I was obviously tempted to tell you all about the new “performance tracker” that allows you to sack off the excel spreadsheet and keep a private personal record of your placements on your phone, build a career dashboard and see how you stack up against the rest of the industry… but I knew I had to hold strong and stick to my guns!

I didn’t start Ed with the intention of selling my soul to the handsome devils down at Hunted.

I had to let them down gently and told them that even though they are the only app that is by recruiters for recruiters and will never cost us a penny I just couldn’t let myself down by giving in and selling-out…

Even though I know in my heart that it’s the best way to find a job in recruitment. Even though those crazy guys actually pay YOU £500 when you land a job through Hunted. Even though there is no fee attached to your hire making it an easier decision for the hiring manager… none of that really matters. Does it?

Despite the face that the opportunities to work overseas or at home were now more accessible than they have ever been before… I just couldn’t let the fans down!

I recently gave an interview to a leading media type who mused: “Ed Hunter is refreshingly laid back for a man with such responsibility, but who’s the man behind the Wolf?”

I thanked them for their time and moved on. I will always remain anonymous!

Much like the way you’re completely anonymous on Hunted, allowing you to apply for jobs and chat to hiring managers without jeopardising your current work life.

I know it sounds too good to be true. So does a Wolf in recruitment, but that’s fact, so why would you question an anonymous job search app?

Anyway, there you have it. They are just some of the reasons I will never “sell-out”!

My only hope is that the guys at Hunted find a great way to get their product information across, as not only is it going to be the first place you can read Ed Hunter blogs and the ONLY place to enter Ed Hunter competitions, but it’s also in general a really good app that really opens your eyes to the world outside of your own desk!

So… good luck Hunted and sorry I couldn’t be of any help.


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