Ed Hunter: Some Context Hearn

The first thing I need to do in this intro is thank No Context Hearn on Twitter. And probably Eddie himself, though I doubt he reads this blog…

If you don’t know him, Eddie Hearn’s a man whose job is to match people together, for an exorbitant fee. An Essex lad. Someone who’s got a lot of fingers in a lot pies.

A man who’d probably ‘stripe ya’, on a night out in Essex, should he not have a reputation to uphold.

But he has.

He’s Eddie Hearn mate.

THE Eddie Hearn.

If Eddie Hearn hadn’t gone into the family business… of knowing people, he’d have been a recruiter.

He basically is one. Just on a very niche desk.

And with that minimal context, inspired by the truly excellent Twitter account “No Context Hearn” here’s Eddie guiding you through many frustrations of your everyday recruitment life.

Thanks ‘No Context Hearn’ and Eddie for being good sports.

NB. I’m assuming you’ve been a good sport Eddie, if you’ve not, well… oh gwooooorrrrn then

WARNING: Contains the odd unsavoury word (or two) so NSFW. Unless you work in a recruitment office.

“Can you go and comfort Jenny in the toilets Ed?”


“Feedback? Errrmmm… yeah I mean…”


When blind faith somehow pays off…


“Thanks boss, no honestly, it’s been brilliant…”


“You sandbagging son of a b…”


You don’t need an expense form, if it’s not your card…


“Yeah, it’s something I’ve had since my West Ham days”


“Sorry, it’s company policy…”


Snake in the grass…


Your terms say 30%…


Yeah he came in this morning and apologised…


Warning: Don’t go on Glassdoor if you run a recruitment agency. Just don’t bother.


As planned…


I don’t wanna slag him off but…


“Oh it’s stopping on another floor”


Fortune favours the regimented


“Hang on, I know that number…”


“What you billed this year?”


“A simple ‘Thanks’ would do… and 25%”


Third Tier… 12.5%… Exclusive…



“Tell everyone your name, and then…”




“Time to ring the bell Ed”…


There’s more. Many many more.

But I’ll leave that to No Context Hearn and you can add your own context to ‘win twitter’ for the day.

Until next time, some more video