Ed Hunter: Seven Signs Recruitment is NOT for You

A lot of people are drawn to recruitment like moths to a flame. They find their home within the industry. Their friends are recruiters. Their family are recruiters. They feel at home in recruitment.

For some, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It may well be that the writing for your recruitment career is on the wall. Written in large indelible letters. If you align with any of these, it may be that recruitment just isn’t for you…

1. You answer the question “What motivates you?” with anything other than… “Money”

I’m awfully sorry to be the bearer of bad news but recruitment is a sales role, and you are always selling. I am yet to meet a good salesperson who is not motivated by money!

You know those people who win the lottery and say “Yeah I’m still going to keep my job, I don’t come in for the money!” WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THE LOTTERY THEN?!

If you’d answer this question with something like ”I really want to help people” my advice would be to join the WWF (the pandas… not the wrestling)

Burns money fight

2. You enjoy your lunch hour

I have been in this game for a long time and other than when you’re meeting a client or are on an incentive, I don’t remember the last time I was away from my desk for a full hour at lunchtime.

A typical recruitment lunch menu will look like this…

Entrée: A handful of those almonds you have in your drawer left over from your last health kick…

Main: Tesco’s value sandwich (BLT) served with salt and vinegar crisps and washed down with a extra-strength coffee…

Dessert: The other half of that twix you didn’t eat yesterday

Set on a table for four overlooking the office floor, underneath the entrancing, fluorescent, flickering lightbulb no one apart from you seems to have an issue with…

I’ve seen people take up smoking just to get 15 minutes a day away from the desk!

Mr Bean Lunch

3. You can’t find the personal details of your latest Tinder match within 30 seconds.

Look. I’m not saying Recruiters are stalkers, but I can probably find out what you had for dinner last Tuesday from your middle name alone.

Putting on your detective hat will help you in a lot of situations in Recruitment. If you’re the kind of person who finds themselves tip-toeing around the Instagram of a cat, owned by the child of the cousin of your brother’s ex, you’ll make a damned fine Recruiter! Just don’t ‘like’ anything by accident!

Clooney Creep

4. You found yourself crying in a toilet cubicle after your first interview cancellation

If you’re not used to facing rejection or you don’t react particularly well to it, this really isn’t the job for you.

You may as well treat every assumed candidate or client response as a magic eight ball… without the magic. You’ve lined everything up you possibly could do. The role’s perfect. The candidate’s better than perfect. They’re a match made in heaven. Time to go shopping? Probably not.

This isn’t heaven, it’s recruitment. And you haven’t offered the Recruitment Gods a fresh researcher as a sacrifice on the alter of the top billers desk.

This time the Eight Ball reads: “Don’t count on it”

No need for tears though, be strong. You’ll probably get at least another 5 rejections before the weeks out. Don’t take it personally… it’s not you it’s them! 

Rejection Run

5. You’ve ever said “I don’t suffer fools lightly”

Whilst it’s guaranteed that you will deal with rejection on a daily basis it is also a certainty that you’ll have to put up with more than one fool per day as well. Examples? Glad you asked…

a) I once had a call from a candidate who was lost on his way to my office and told me all about his little adventure around London (which was riveting). It wasn’t until he arrived that he realised not only was he lost, he was a week early!

b) How many times have you read “attention to detail” in key strengths on a CV that’s littered with spelling mistakes?

c) Or… that one mistake hire that your boss makes (if you don’t know who that is… it’s you) that usually lasts for about 2 weeks before they manage to piss off your best client with one stupid BD call?

If you can’t survive all of these and more (daily) without wanting to kill either them or yourself… Recruitment isn’t for you.

Stewie Gun Mouth

6. You haven’t worked out Ed Hunter is a play on words

There are some people out there who ‘don’t get your sense of humour.’ They’re the same people who quietly tell their manager “I don’t take banter too well” on their first day (yes this actually happened).

If you struggle to laugh in life, you might as well hang up your headset, no one’s getting out alive (of life that is, you might get out of recruitment alive, possibly).

Those with who take life too seriously should be held with the same regard as those who have no common sense… Low regard.

Father Ted Joke

7. You struggle with basic maths or common sense

There are two reasons you might struggle with basic maths.

1) You’ve done too many LinkedIn genius tests and are now convinced there’s a hidden pattern in simple equations

2) You’re an idiot

Before I get berated… a “Senior Consultant” once asked me how to work out a candidate’s daily rate from the monthly rate the candidate had just told him. Now, I’m not Einstein, but I can divide a number by 20 on a calculator and write it down.

If you’re that idiotic, it’s best you leave the industry… or stick to perm.

Maths Fail

For those of you this doesn’t apply to… Welcome. You’re in the right place. Here’s some other content you’ll probably find right up your street…