Ed Hunter: Recruiter FIRED after OnlyFans clip with Candidate AND Client goes viral

Ed Hunter, a former Catholic High School pupil, now recruiter, was abruptly let go from his job last month after a video surfaced on OnlyFans with BOTH a candidate and client, in a now viral, heated boardroom romp.

The video, titled “Two girls, one mug” shows graphic footage of Ed being shafted by both women in what can only be described as powerful and passionate prowess.

Ed, a shy and retiring young recruiter seems inexperienced at first, but soon comes out of his shell.

Whilst a hot and steamy exchange takes place between the two desirable women, Ed’s left just watching in a corner, somewhat helpless.

It’s only at the climax of the session when Ed comes over, interjecting wilfully to help the women arrive at a happy ending.

In the video, you can see explicit footage of Ed bending over backwards (lowering his percentage) just to please both parties.

Naturally, given the nature of the meeting, everything was professional and above board. But given the low fee percentage Ed’s boss was less than pleased.

The candidate walked away with a great offer, and the client was delighted with a stunning new hire.

Well done to all involved.

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Oh, if you’re contemplating setting up an OnlyFans just to pay the bills, stop right there.

There’s LOADS of jobs on Hunted.