Ed Hunter: Head In The Clouds

A year or so ago, I sent an application to SpaceX to see whether they’d respond to a cracking cover letter.

They didn’t disappoint. And if you’ve seen their reply, I’d imagine that’s why you’re here today.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Ed Hunter SpaceX Rejection Letter


Now… after digging around on my old laptop, I’m pleased to say I’ve found my letter to them.

Absolutely astonished they didn’t give me a job on the spot to be honest, but see what you think…

PS Application Cover Letter to SpaceX page 1 PS Application Cover Letter to SpaceX page 2


I’m shocked by their reaction obviously. And whenever I can muster the strength and determination, I may well email them my thoughts, see if I can lure an argument.

In the meantime, if you think I’ve been hard done by, tag anyone you can find at SpaceX on LinkedIn to back my cause.

Use a decent hashtag like #prayfored or #giveedhunteranantigravityinterviewyoushit

Internal recruiters… ignoring any previous good-natured ribbing, if you work at SpaceX/Tesla/The Boring Company, give Elon a nudge and let him know what he’s missing out on.

And if my invitation to a zero gravity interview comes through, I’ll secure the job on LinkedIn LIVE from space. Of that you have my word. 

Until then, keep it real.


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