Ed Hunter: God’s GIF to Recruitment


1. We’re not saying you’re lying. Just brush up on your acting skills.

Obama Mic Drop

2. Nothing’s impossible. Also, you’re just not very good.


3. Good luck in the battle. I’ll be watching from afar.

Candidate Raise Shock

4. Be honest. Have you done this interview just to get a raise? Thanks for your honesty.

hil gif

5. Most Recruiters talk less gibberish than most Politicians. Fact.


6. If Barney was a Recruiter he’d be Top Biller.

Rope swing fail

7. I did you a favour, and I’ve been on the phone for 47 minutes. I haven’t spoken once.

LIife of Brian

8. I’m not naming any names. But just don’t voice an opinion. Ever.


9. Other things I do on the phone: 1) Spin (other calls) 2) Play imaginary golf 3) Doodle illegible shapes


10. You had one job. You’re dead to me now. And everyone else in the office.


11. The layers of the lair are infinite. Good luck.