Ed Hunter: GIF of The Gab

It doesn’t take you long to know recruitment inside out. The hours are probably the main reason for that. By week two you’ve worked a regular person’s quarter.

It always pays however to look at recruitment from another angle.

You get new insights and new theories that make you more money and greater success.

Or, perhaps you’ll just agree with candidates that, actually, when it boils down to it, maybe we are all pricks?

Here are some different angles for you.

Hitting the Gym in your lunch hour…

Home Gym Fail GIF

When they interview through another agency

Don't Go Slide GIF


When you make Senior, but just get new business cards

Tortoise GIF


When the weird guy in Finance tries to be cool

Corbyn High Five GIF


When you spend ages crafting the perfect InMail but they click ‘Not Interested’

Slip n Slide Fail


When you slide into their DMs at the perfect time

Slide GIF


When they say they’re taking the counter offer

Judo GIF


When you’re the best Resourcer in the whole damn team

Kid Dancing


When the the £5k counter offer didn’t solve all their problems

Fake Crying


Gill in Accounts after someone slips something in her coffee

Old Lady Dancing GIF



Tuesday 10am

Pouring Whiskey GIF


When two colleagues start having lunch together

Filing Nails GIF


Gardening leave

Paddling Pool GIF


When someone asks why you work in recruitment

Shrug GIF