Ed Hunter: Game of Phones Quiz

At the beginning of next week the new Game of Thrones is out. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a fan. Or you’re an Ed Hunter fan and just don’t want to be recruiting right now.

In either of those scenarios we’re kindred spirits.

To celebrate the new series, this week’s article details every Recruiter you might find in Game of Thrones and in your office.

I know what you’re thinking at this point…

“Really Ed? You think there’s as much sex, gore and excitement in Game of Thrones to match what goes on in my office?”

Well, yeah. I do. And so below, you have each character of note and their traits in the recruitment world.

Take the quiz. Share your results. Then come back and read the rest of the blurbs – it’s definitely worth more of your time than listening to another voicemail.

If the quiz doesn’t appear above, click here or here.

Once you’ve seen which character you are, scroll down to read about the other Game of Thrones Recruiters…

Cersei Lannister

Ed Hunter - Cersei Lannister
This woman sits at the top of the tree. The CEO. She has ultimate power right now, after aggressively taking over the business with the help of the Top Biller, Jamie.

After she was caught in the boardroom having an affair with Jamie there’s been nothing but trouble. She’s a big fan of nepotism and continually tries to bring in her own family as new Consultants to lead the business. Unfortunately they either embarrass themselves at the company lunch incentive or ‘jump ship’.

You occasionally see Cersei’s better side and maybe even feel sorry for her, but then remember she takes a Mountain of commission off you every single month. Shame.


Jamie Lannister

Ed Hunter Jamie Lannister
Jamie’s been top biller ever since he stabbed the other top biller in the back at the Christmas party. He comes directly beneath the CEO and has a lot of power in the business.

Times did get tough a short while ago when Jamie lost his right hand man. But, with help from a Resourcer he’s maintained his rightful position.

Jamie makes mistakes. But he rectifies them, more often than not and like every top biller, he’s had some luck. If you’re able to lose your phone hand and still bill great numbers, you’re destined for greatness.


Daenerys Tagaryen

Ed Hunter - Daenerys
Daenerys recruits for the vast hoards that work in logistics in mainland Europe, which has given her the affectionate nickname ‘Mother of Wagons’. She constantly comes under fire from angry Managers and over-worked drivers and ALWAYS walks out unharmed.

Because of her infectious personality and wild beauty, every female Recruiter wants to be her, and every male Recruiter wants to be with her.

After rising to the position of Team Manager, Dani has a vehement following of supporters. Not to mention her capability to hitch a ride with any of the three large haulage conglomerates she recruits exclusively for. Dragon Ltd, Rhagar PLC and Viserion.


Tyrion Lannister

Ed Hunter Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion is the Head of Research. And he’s most resourceful when it comes to helping both himself and his Consultant out of trouble. He’s not confined to one Recruiter however, he’s been allowed to move around the business after publicly falling out with the CEO.

Because of his love of a good night out, Tyrion always makes sure he’s on the company incentives and will go along after work even if he’s fallen short. Often mocked for his height, he takes insults in his stride and can out-drink even the Northern contingent.

If there’s one thing this man is good for, it’s building rapport. In fact he’s the only person Daenerys has allowed to work with her three top clients, where he was so successful they achieved new heights.


Jon Snow

Ed Hunter Jon Snow
Jon is a popular lad with the ladies, and as such when he was brought in to the fold, he ruffled a few feathers. He’s got incredible leadership qualities but there’s a stark difference between him and Jamie. If there’s one thing annoying about Jon, it’s the constant reference to his watch, which he got for being Best Newcomer. Fortunately, that watch recently broke in a scuffle so he doesn’t talk about it as much.

Since then, Jon’s gained followers and it won’t be long before he’s challenging for the top spot in the business.

Being from the north, Jon’s straight forward nature appeals to a lot of colleagues. Though, due to his desk being near Admin he bangs on about the noise in the office a lot. “Printer is humming.”


Arya Stark

Ed Hunter Arya Stark
Arya, by all accounts is an absolute legend in the business. She’s made a name for herself by being utterly ruthless. She’s had a name of clients on her hit list from day one and has now sliced that down to a small number. The rest are soon to follow.

Not only this, but she’s incredible at impressions. Meaning she can impersonate clients and candidates on the phone to get things done. If you call Arya out for something, you’ll likely be eating humble pie shortly afterwards.

She can find a needle in a haystack and may have a part to play in the long-term running of the business. Will regularly annoy gatekeepers when refusing to give her name when BDing. ‘A girl has no name’.


Brienne of Tarth

Ed Hunter Brienne of Tarth
HR Manager Brienne will always have your back. She’s literally dying to fight your cause day and knight. In fact, she’s been known to hound people in order to see justice done.

Brienne is a feminist’s dream, breaking preconceptions and showing this once male dominated world you can be female and still make an incredible contribution to recruitment.

For all her great judgement, Brienne holds a special place in her heart for top biller Jamie Lannister. The CEO knows this, but as she gets enough of a hard times she’s left to her own devices.


Sansa Stark

Ed Hunter Quiz Sansa Stark
Sansa’s the office whipping girl and could be accused of acting fairly gingerly. Despite her northern roots she’s a bit of a push over, and colleagues regularly lose their heads in front of her.

No one thinks Sansa’s going to be in the business long. A lot of people have raised questions over her resilience but despite being cast aside by almost everyone, she’s still there. Clinging on.

She was quite happy in the summer months, but then winter fell. If you can hear someone crying in the stationery cupboard, it’s probably Sansa. Don’t go in, you’ll just make it worse.


Little Finger

Ed Hunter Quiz Little Finger
Little Finger obviously moved round a lot at the start of his career as he’s got a strange accent no one can really place. As Financial Director he’s climbed higher up the ranks than he probably should have and you never really know which side he’s on.

He’s undoubtedly called Little Finger as a testament to the size of something else, hence the chip on his shoulder. Or it could be he never lifts a finger to help anyone.

He’s got all the attributes you want in Accounts Payable, but none of the qualities you want in a colleague.



Ed Hunter Game of Thrones Hodor
Hodor was a bit of a company legend, but sadly he’s no longer with us. Due to a rugby accident at Uni, he wasn’t much of a talker. Which meant he normally recruited via email or LinkedIn.

Because he did that for years however, he opened a lot of doors. And more often than not he held them open for the rest of the business.

The strong, silent type, Hodor would often carry some of the less abled Consultants in the company and was someone you could always trust.


Theon Greyjoy

Ed Hunter Quiz Theon Greyjoy
Theon’s got a bit of an BO problem. In fact, he pretty much reeks. He’s also not really all there anymore. He was once a decent Consultant but had a pretty bad accident in the workplace and sued. The business didn’t take kindly to this and he’s paid the price ever since.

No one trusts Theon, and rightly so. In fact, most of his colleagues want him to just leave but he somehow scrapes by doing the bare minimum. He helped Sansa out once, but that’s been pretty much the only noble thing he’s done.

He did have LinkedIn Recruiter, but lost his membership because we wasn’t using it enough.


Olenna Tyrell

Ed Hunter Quiz Tyrell
This woman’s the Non-Exec Director and has been round the block a few times. Strangely no relation to the crisp company, she has incredibly strong morals and will regularly rally against the CEO at company incentive lunches.

On top of this she’ll always leave her card behind the bar for the other Consultants which led to one Recruiter recently getting alcohol poisoning. The nepotism shown by the CEO drives Olenna mad but she’s got razor sharp wit and will most likely fight your corner.

Has been known to oust the younger consultants if they get too big for their boots.



Ed Hunter Quiz Gendry
Gendry worked for the company right at the start but got a huge commission cheque and went travelling, shunning the phone. That said, he’s pretty darn good, and everyone knows it. Even if he is a bit of a bastard.

Naturally, he’s friends with Arya and may well be tempted back into the fold if he can put his hippie, travelling phase behind him.

Only time will tell if Gendry has the desire to become top biller. He might just carry on with his Blacksmith apprenticeship.



Ed Hunter Quiz Bronn
The office joker, Bronn’s constantly got a quip or song and will often be the Consultant who’s the loudest on the phone. His Manager thinks he’s too brash, but his honest, hardworking ways win over clients all over the land.

As he places Labourers and Trades People, Bronn’s low-brow ways work to his advantage.

He’s recently been made Senior Consultant and is proving his worth. He may never be top biller, but he’s reliable and is in the inner circle on nights out.

When you play the game of phones, you either win or you die. Love Ed x