Ed Hunter: An Exhaustive List of Things Recruiters Love to Hate

Everyone’s likely to be posting about love this week. Despite their absolute insistence LinkedIn isn’t the place for that, I thought I’d offer a full list of things recruiters love.

To hate.

Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that recruiters hate a lot of stuff.

  1. Counter offers
  2. An email from a candidate who’s just started
  3. A client calling on someone’s first day
  4. When they’re “in a meeting”
  5. Gatekeepers
  6. CVs as PDFs
  7. Not being able to use the pool table that was advertised on LinkedIn
  8. ‘Breakout areas’ when you’re not breaking out
  9. Not having an office dog
  10. The office dog
  11. Core hours
  12. The phone
  13. Recruiters who don’t like the phone
  14. Emails to ‘all’
  15. Over 3 rings on the mainline
  16. Accounts
  17. HR
  18. Recruiters who use headsets
  19. Recruiters who think headsets are beneath them
  20. Wires on a headset
  21. Stress balls thrown at their head
  22. Not having a stress ball to throw
  23. Mornings
  24. Afternoons
  25. Commuting
  26. When there’s no sale on at TM Lewin
  27. When the Christmas party’s advertised with an entrance fee
  28. Congratulating a rival
  29. Running out of office forks
  30. Spreadsheets
  31. Targets
  32. The database
  33. The Sales Board
  34. Team building
  35. A cash bar
  36. L&D
  37. Non Billing Managers
  38. Managers
  39. Rookies
  40. HOT interviewees not being hired
  41. Cold desks
  42. Ending phone calls without saying “and we’ll take it from there”
  43. Sandbaggers
  44. Having no deals to sandbag
  45. Blanking
  46. Loafers with socks
  47. Boring socks
  48. Unbranded umbrellas
  49. The boss asking “What have you got on today?”
  50. Underlings not answering what they’ve got on today
  51. Google autofill after the words “recruiters are”
  52. Candidates
  53. Clients
  54. Other recruiters
  55. Recruitment

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