Ed Hunter: Everyday Trust Pilot

A short while ago I gave you an extension to Google Translate. Because it’s sometimes easier to solve the world’s hardest maths puzzle than know what you can trust online.

I guess that’s why companies like Trustpilot were set up.

A little box hiding at the bottom of websites, informing you how trustworthy something is.


Imagine if we had that for every statement blindly made on the internet… 

In this case, you don’t have to imagine. I’ve done the imagining for you.

“I have a fantastic opportunity for an industry leading company looking to hire the best of the best”

Fantastic Opportunity Trust Pilot

“By reading this CV you accept our terms and conditions as set out in our Terms of Business”

Terms of Business Trust Pilot

“We don’t accept CVs from agencies”

No Agencies Trust Pilot

“I’ll go to the interview but I am waiting for an offer from somewhere else”

Interview Trust Pilot

“I think everyone’s keeping their head down tonight to be honest”

Heads Down Trust Pilot

“Salary negotiable dependent on experience”

Salaries Negotiable Trust Pilot

“Contracted office hours 9-6”

Contracted Hours Trust Pilot

“We offer a work hard-play hard environment”

Work Hard Play Hard Trust Pilot

“We’re making significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint”

Carbon Footprint Trust Pilot

“She came in drenched, 30 minutes late and apologised through teary eyes. I still HIRED her. Because she was HONEST. She was HUMAN. And sometimes that’s all you need. We all need a break. Agree?”

Oleg Trust Pilot

See? You can trust me. It’s the others you need to watch.

Until next week, stay safe out there.

If you need further assistance in navigating the world of adults, head here.