Ed Hunter: Dear Prime Minister

Honestly, I’m sick of offering ground-breaking advice to get constantly ignored. It’s like the people don’t know how much I can offer.

Take this Brexit nonsense. Whether you agree with it or not, put a recruiter in charge of negotiations and the whole thing would’ve been wrapped up in an afternoon. The nation would’ve been slamming Jågerbombs, toasting another great deal.

Sure it might not have lasted.

Yes, it’s possible we’d have done a worse deal, just so we didn’t finish the month on a doughnut.

And yeahhh… it’s likely we’d have just packed up shop, when the whole thing turned out to be fraudulent with no evidence of a deal existing on any database.

But ask yourself this… would it have been worse?

Course not. But hey, here’s a fun fact. If you write a letter to the Prime Minister, there’s a ‘correspondence officer’ whose sole job is to reply. I know… I couldn’t believe it either.

Naturally, armed with this information, I took to my type-writer in the early hours and set about fixing the country…

My letter to Theresa May:

An Open Letter to Theresa May from Ed Hunter An Open Letter to Theresa May from Ed Hunter Page 2

Her response to me:

Theresa May Response to Ed Hunter Theresa May Response to Ed Hunter Page 2


Try and help someone, and that’s the response you get. It’s almost like they don’t want to do better.

Until next time, keep fighting the good fight.