Ed Hunter: ‘Cruiters Gotta ‘Cruit

A lot of people say recruitment’s like dating.

Few have the courage to mix the two… But those who can without fear of reprehension become heroes.

Their names are whispered during company meals. Their stories reach the masses, passed down from one generation to another. Their heroism is celebrated, toasted with hushed breath at the Christmas bash.

I’m not saying I condone this sort of behaviour…

Just merely that as it happens, it may as well be acknowledged.

On the flip side of this there are those who can’t STFU about recruitment, in non-recruitment situations. Situations like dating.

These people are the real pros. The ones who can benefit their recruitment life, by being entrepreneurial with their dating life.

After all… ‘Cruiters Gotta ‘Cruit.

Below are some Tinder exchanges I’ve had throughout the years.

Becky, a Fantastic Opportunity

Becky Tinder Exchange


Catherine, a little jumpy

Catherine Tinder Exchange


Jas, not an Ed Hunter reader

Jas Tinder Exchange Blocked


Malika, a permanent opening

Malika Tinder Exchange


Shana, a potty mouth

Shana Tinder Exchange Blocked



Emily, who LOVES ‘Management Talk Bingo’… but only on her own terms

Emily Tinder Exchange


Bethany, whose bio is “.Net Recruiter”

Bethany Tinder Exchange


Aasiyah, who’s not well

Aasiyah Tinder Exchange Blocked

‘Cruiters gotta ‘cruit.

And if you don’t know, now you know. 

Here’s where to go now.

Ed Hunter