Ed Hunter: Core Values

Most recruitment companies have core values.

Hopefully these are written on the wall in vinyl. They mean more that way. If your company’s proper cool they’ll have been spray painted. Nothing says recruitment like graffiti. The cooler your business is, the harder the graf is to read.

If your business is truly tuned into the power of motivation, they’ll have chosen core values that mean absolutely nothing. The key above anything else with these is, they can’t be argued. Everyone should relate to them (normally because they’re just values people have anyway) but they shouldn’t be able to be questioned.

Eg. Expert

Who’s going to argue against the word expert?

To truly succeed with this, your values should cover both present and past tense, and in an ideal world both nouns and adjectives, and maybe even a verb here or there.

The more bamboozled you are by the core values you’re supposed to have, the more successful you’re likely to be. Also, having them means you can prove to your candidates and clients you have strong morals, without ever having to exercise them.

As well as being on the wall in ten feet letters, you’ll also be needing your values on your website. In reality that’s the only reason you have core values. Yes, every one of your colleagues is a specialist. But you’re also all the same. A client will get the same service whether they work with you or your colleague. You’re all clones. You have the same morals. You have the same standard of practice. No one’s an individual. Despite you’re insistence everyone gets a tailored service depending on their needs.

These are my personal core values.


The fact more people don’t have the word ‘business’ outlined as one of their values just underlines how irrelevant some of them are. What’s more important than business?

I’ll overuse this word daily, just so people know I mean… well… business.

Offer accepted? Put the phone down slowly. Look your colleague coldly in the eyes and just say “business.” Instant respect.

Boss asking what your plan is for the day? Just email them one word. Business.

What’s your number one target this year? Business.

What you get up to over the weekend? BUSINESS.


“Recruitment Consultants are all the same.”

Do you tire of people throwing this critique in your face? Write UNIQUE on your wall and it’ll be the last time you hear it.

“How can we all be the same? Unique’s one of our core values. And we live that value every time we pick up the phone.”

You’d notice… if you bothered to pay attention, I wear a Rolex and Phil wears a Breitling.


Trust, encouragement, reward, loyalty…. satisfaction. Yeah?

There’s a lot of truth in that. And it’s that one word ‘loyalty’ I’d promote in my business every day.

If you’re loyal to this business, I will personally make sure you’re not sacked. Unless you’re rubbish obviously. Then it wouldn’t work. We could just see other people or something.


Lug your arse out of bed. Lug yourself into work. Lug yourself home to your disappointed family and cat that hates you.

All sounds rather negative doesn’t it? Only, it’s not. Because this is what every candidate is thinking when they answer a call to you.

“Why, pray tell, would I lug myself to the job you’re trying to sell to me?”

“Well, my dear fellow, open your lugholes and I’ll tell you.”


The eagle eyed amongst you will notice this word’s a verb. Does that mean it shouldn’t be next to a list of nouns? Probably.

Which simply underlines its importance.

Yes, I know it could also be an adjective… Whether you’re surpassing your competition in the office or simply hold surpassing skill to do it every time. It’s a worthy word for my wall. Just don’t ask me to use it in another sentence.


If you know the past you can predict the future. Apparently that’s not helped anyone bag the winning lottery ticket so far. Stop wars. Even combat the same criticism of Recruiters online. Might help you beat your boss in an argument about the upside down recruitment funnel though.


The above nonsensical words are all integral to how we’ll work at my agency. You could also say it’s important to have integrity in your work. I know that’s a different word but it’s sorta similar. And arguably more relevant than the word integral.


Time kills deals. Everyone knows this universal truth.

In the time it’s taken you to read this article you could have made another placement. Just like the time it’ll take you to notice the acronym I’ve hidden inside.

Back to the phones with you.