Ed Hunter: Backdooring Candidates ‘Not On’, Says Fraudster MD

Ed Hunter reports from Bristol Crown Court

News of an out of court settlement hit the headlines this week as one Recruitment MD vowed to take a stand against clients ‘backdooring’ candidates.

Terry Ball a Recruitment MD from Cardiff describes himself as a hard-working, ethically driven recruiter. After building his business on the USP of ‘integrity’, he was left FURIOUS upon finding out a client hired a candidate behind their back.


“We call it backdoored in our business, because it feels like someone’s smashed your backdoors in. That’s how much it hurts.” Grumbled Terry.

“After I was done for Fraud in 2001 I vowed never to break the law again. Someone defrauding me is beyond the pale. Thankfully the lawyers have seen sense.”

Mr Ball says whilst there was a bit of luck attached to the placement, his methods are above board.

“I sent him over as part of our HOT Candidate e-shot in January. He was one of a few thousand we sent out. Then 6 months later I realised he’d been placed there by a competitor. But we owned his CV.”

Mr Ball denied allegations over gaming the market and insisted his techniques were fair.


“It’s strategic. We don’t just send any old candidate to any old client. They have to have a website and be in the same country.”

This is a level of strategy Mr Ball thinks other recruitment agencies could learn from.

“We only work with a few very select clients. This gives us unrivalled access into their business. And basically we know if they have a legal department.”

“Then we just e-shot our entire database of candidates every 12 months to retain ownership.”


As the settlement shows, backdooring is thankfully becoming a thing of the past as clients all over the world start to realise recruiters offer a valuable service.

* Mr Ball’s client declined to comment, citing liquidation.

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