Ed Hunter: Advertising Things To Recruiters

I know how to talk to recruiters. Which means I know how to advertise to recruiters.

And yet, no one from a major advertising agency has picked up my work.

Baffling? Very much so.

Therefore as a ‘come and get me’ plea, the size of which you’ve not seen since Hazard piled on the pounds to fill those big shoes in Madrid, here’s some advertising for you.

Literally, for you.

Products you love.

Advertised in a way you’ll get.

Because, who knows you like I do?


TM Lewin Ed Non Iron Shirt Ad

Time waits for no man.

And neither will your candidates if you’re beaten to the punch, by the early bird.

Get there first.

Get there sharp.

With the new non iron shirts from TM Lewin.

It’s you, without the hassle.


Ed Hunter Chanel Kitten Heels Grounded

Keep being asked to mark the back post?

Prove you’re a keeper, with these height deceiving heels.

Professional? Check.

Playful? Naturally.

Chanel? Of course.

Ed Hunter Brylcream Ad

OK, so people might look down on you, for being a recruiter.

At least they’re looking at a lid crafted by the Gods.

Be your Bryliant self.

With Brylcreem.


Ed Hunter Plantronics Ad

Smart and sleek comms, for the man on the move.

She won’t wait, so why would you?

Tired of worn elbows? Bored of being dumped, for the more mobile gent?

Banish wires! Plant your foot in the future.



Ed Hunter Paco Rabanne Ad

We bottled the tears of disappointed parents.

We added a lick of lemon, a sprinkle of cedar wood and dash of despair.

1 Million by Paco Rabanne.

Announce your presence to the sales floor, the moment you step off the tube.


Ed Hunter Electric Scooter Ad

“Everyone laughed when I took out my scooter. Then I overtook them.”

Bored of being taken seriously? Worried about living too long?

Get the wind in your sales.

Prime Electric Scooters.

You don’t have to be a tw*t to ride one. Oh wait, no, you do.


Ed Hunter Pretty Little Thing Ad

Wonder. Surprise. Confusion.

Experience them all, with Pretty Little Thing.

It won’t be pretty. And it certainly won’t be little.

Especially if that’s what you ordered.

What is it?!

It’s yours…

Ed Hunter Louboutin Ass Ad copy

Sold your soul to recruitment?

You won’t sell these in a hurry.

Leave an impression, no matter how bad you are at your job.



Ed Hunter Church's Ad

The boardroom’s your church.

There’s no inch you’ve not trod.

Dan thinks he’s Jesus,

That must make you…

Ed Hunter Fiat 500 Nando's Ad

Now with Tango Ice Blast holders. As standard.

One for you. One for ‘this one’.

Get a car as delish as your #sundayroastwiththegirls.

Fiat 500. The bottomless brunch of the car world.


Ed Hunter Odor Eater Ad

You ain’t gettin laid if your loafers are hummin’ ya mug

Sort it out.

Odor Eaters.

Flex your creps.


Ed Hunter Starbucks Ad

Top billers aren’t born. They’re sculpted.

They run on the finest fuel, from deepest Colombia.

Our Colombian blend will raise your heart rate. And exceed your expectations.

Get jacked up.

It’s BD Day.

The sad thing about all this?

The Advertising industry couldn’t offer me a more attractive deal than my current OTE.

One day maybe, if I lose a load of runners.

Until then, click here.