Ed Hunter: A police matter

Hullo again.

You’ll know by now I like a wind up.

And for no other reason than that, I’ve recently been writing letters to the Government.

Letters are, in my opinion, an underused format. You see, in times gone by everyone relied on the post. It was mainstream, but these days it’s borderline defunct.

Now, email’s the norm.

And that means you’re much more likely to get something read if you step into the physical world and send a real letter.

This works pretty well with clients too by the way. If you can somehow navigate the fact that knowing their home address isn’t weird and creepy.

It also depends on what you send – my top tip? Don’t send anything alive unless you’re 99% sure of the address.

Anyway, late last year I started sending daft stuff to see if I could get a response.

Here’s one I got only yesterday after sending just 27 heartfelt letters.

Letter from Boris Johnson to Ed Hunter

Now, in my opinion, he’s missing a trick here.

Because if there’s a type of person able to get out of the tightest of jams, having delivered constant half truths and easy answers, it’s a recruiter.

Even new recruiters with a week in the job would probably know not to overpromise and under-deliver.

A recruiter wouldn’t have told 70+million people their kids are safe, only to renege on that message a day later.

Which means a recruiter wouldn’t have increased deaths and hospitalisations as a result.

BrewDog have started offering their venues as vaccination centres.

I’d like to offer my skills to the decision-making department of the Government. And sure, it might mean repeating the phrase “ask questions you don’t want answers to Boris” over and over.

But honestly, there’s not a recruiter I’ve worked with, in any job, ever, who’d do a worse job than the current incumbent.

Anyway, I’ll keep on plodding. If for no other reasons than my own amusement.


Ed Hunter.