Ed Hunter: A Letter to Mr Justin Trudeau

Honestly, you try to do something good for someone and they’re just not interested in your help.

Justin, if you’re reading this, it’s definitely not a joke. And whilst Hunted has ties in Canada, this candidate is one I’m doing a personal favour for.

‘Off the books’ if you will.

For only 30% of salary, which is a discounted rate to my standard terms.

Anyway Justin, I know you’re a regular reader, so if you never received the letter, here’s what I sent.

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau from Ed Hunter

Of course I sent a CV too.

Now before you make a judgement over the candidate’s inabilities and lack of formal education, please do note he spent 10 years fighting for his country.

He was a valued member of the team in multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and is VERY willing to learn.

The CV

ed hunter a letter to mr justin trudeau ed hunter a letter to mr justin trudeau

It seems like Justin’s not interested sadly.

But if you hire Admin Support candidates in the local Vancouver area and would like to interview Candidate 27120, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I will warn you he has interviews currently lined up, so we will need to move quickly. All potential opportunities are subject to scrutiny by his partner.

Until next time, there’s this