Ed Hunter’s Guide to Wellbeing

Everyone’s talking about wellbeing at the moment. And in my view, there’s no more apt industry for looking after your bonce than this one.

Recruitment ain’t easy.

There’s the functioning alcoholism.

The 25 hour days.

The stress.

The meetings… my God the meetings.

The passive aggressive emails.

So it’s nice to see recruitment companies getting on board with the wellbeing movement.

Sadly… at a lot of agencies this amounts to sweet F.A of actual value.

“Resourcers can wear head guards for the morning royal rumble, if they wish.”

“You’re allowed to take 45 minutes for lunch on Friday, enjoy it.”

“Gill’s bringing in some apples for everyone. They’re worse than ones you get in a supermarket, but they’re free. Stop complaining. Either have the apple and shut up. Or just shut up. Your choice”

Leaves a bit to be desired doesn’t it.

Sometimes you just need a break from it all. So today, I’ve decided to share some ideas you can try out in the office to help the days go by a little smoother.

Give yourself a breather, raise a smile, have a chuckle, de-stress from the increasing weight of the world on those puny shoulders of yours.

Here’s Ed Hunter’s Guide to Wellbeing…

1) Call a candidate you get on with

This one’s pretty easy.

You probably have a candidate you really like. They’re easy to talk to, funny and always pleasant.

You’ll also probably know where they’re interviewing.

Call number withheld (141 if you’re in the UK), and introduce yourself as your competitor. Then unload a tirade of abuse, with all the Effs and Jeffs you like.

Take the day’s stresses out on them.

Really go for it.

And by the time you put the phone down, you’ll not only feel much better, but have a newly exclusive candidate to work with.


2) Write an angry letter, save it in drafts

This is a neat trick, because you can be as angry and distasteful as you like. Knowing there’ll be zero repercussions to your existential angst.

Here’s the clincher though.

Wait until your office rival goes to the toilet. Choose their best client, or the one you’ve been waiting to get your hands on.

Swoop in. Open. Paste. Send. Smile.

3) Take the office dog for a walk

Walk home.

Never go back.

4) Sit on the train for a while in contemplation

If you can close your eyes for five minutes without the fear of being robbed or drooled on, bask in the self reflective harmony of hearing the screeching breaks and repetitive thumping of carriages.

You’ll find a deep sense of zen in no time at all.

If this doesn’t work, just sit opposite the doors and laugh as commuters miss the train by seconds.

Film said disappointment for wellbeing exercises you can take with you.

5) Organise a team activity outside the office

Choose a nice green meadow, or park with plenty of room and a nice spot in the sun.

Make sure you get everyone to attend, to increase team spirit.

Then once they’ve all gone, come out your hiding place and finally get some work done without leeches on your time and productivity.

6) Work on your communication with the boss

It’s hard to ‘get on’ with those up the ladder sometimes. Even tolerating them can be a chore.

But a little rapport building is all it takes, to take your relationship to the next level.

Really give your wellbeing a shot in the arm by snitching on a colleague.

If you know an office rival’s skived off work recently, or fabricated a meeting… grass them up in the strictest of confidence.

7) Take a duvet day

Duvet days are a perfect remedy to a busy workload.

Sadly, not many companies offer them.

If you can’t wait for the weekend for a much needed lie in, set a plague of badgers free in the kitchen before you leave the office.

Then bask in your well-deserved downtime, as you close your eyes and imagine the morning panic at HQ.

8) Suggest an office ‘dress down day’

The best way to do this, is to just bowl in wearing casual attire, and apologise afterwards for getting the wrong end of the stick.

Maybe send an email round with a cursory apology. “Soz” is about the right level.

Also, Friday’s the most logical day. But a Tuesday rubs salt into already salty wounds.

Your great mood will then be offset by the pissed off faces beside you.


9) Leave a series of increasingly complicated booby traps around the office

This is just a common sense finale really.

There’s nothing to lighten the mood like a classic prank.

Watching someone you dislike, or even quietly tolerate, plummet to their doom will really blow the cobwebs away. And add a much-needed laughter track to your afternoon on the phones.

 There you have it.

Nine solid ideas, for your workplace wellbeing.

Also, my lawyers have implored me to point out, wellbeing and stress is a very serious topic. They did say “nothing to joke about, in any way”… but if you can’t laugh at life, I reckon you’re doing it wrong.

If this satirical article didn’t brighten your mood, check this article out by Hunted which is a bit more constructive.

Peace and Love,