Ed Hunter: A Crushing Rejection

There used to be a common understanding amongst those of us in Agency. It was… anyone not good enough for our gruesome world could go on to do quite well ‘Internal’.

You might see an old colleague, who didn’t cut the mustard, now spring up working for Facebook.

Their title reads Talent Acquisition, where Senior Recruitment Expert once stood, ironically.

And yet, you can’t tell me it’s not something you’ve thought about.

Is it worth trading the potential drop in earnings, for seeing your kids grow up? Depends how much you like your kids. For some, spending more time with the other half could be posted on WARNING leaflets about The Dangers of Work-Life Balance.

But then you see a job that changes your mind.

A job running all Internal Recruitment for Elon Musk. That’s SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company and all the other crazy schemes he has.

Think of the shares. Think of the lifestyle. Rubbing shoulders with Elon Musk as you plot insane shenanigans on his yacht in the Med.

“Russian Ballet on hold as Recruitment Incentive runs over” the headlines would read.

Shit, you could be the first recruiter in space?!

Well, that’s what I thought.

So I threw caution to the wind and applied to the only ever Internal recruitment job I’ll ever attempt.

And you know what?

They didn’t even give me an interview…

Ed Hunter SpaceX Rejection Letter


Imagine that. With all my power and prowess they just seem bound by KPIs and making commission. They won’t even interview someone, just because they don’t ‘fit on paper’.


Oleg and Brigette will be livid.

Still, at least I’m still making sweet commish.

More on this story as it comes in.