Ed Hunter: 40 Good Reasons to Start a Recruitment Company

Know how many recruitment companies have been started in the last year?

A shit ton.

That’s the official number from Companies House. Mad, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t think it possible in the middle of a pandemic. And yet here we are, watching Amazon shares soar as HUGE INSPIRATIONAL VINYL WORDS get shipped to WeWorks all over the world.


In the past I’ve given you a solid process for naming a recruitment company. But today I’d like to explore some of the reasons you might decide to do it.

So here’s a helpful list.

If any of the below feel familiar, you should quit your job this instant.

Here are the top 40 reasons to start your own recruitment business…

1. Spite

2. You hate other people

3. You’re a bit too comfortable with a salary

4. You’re sick of being micromanaged

5. You want to micromanage others

6. Vengeance

7. There’s a massive chip on your shoulder

8. Your inheritance was chunkier than expected

9. You’ve put so many fake deals through it’s a matter of time before you’re collared

10. You’ve been skimming off the top for the past 5 years and this is just the natural progression

11. You’re the only one who BDs

12. You’d prefer working longer hours

13. People on LinkedIn are questioning the word ‘Entrepreneur’ in your job title

14. Wrath

15. You’ve vowed to destroy the very thing you swore to protect

16. A petty disagreement that’s gone too far

17. You’ve been made redundant

18. No one else will hire you

19. You’ve never billed over 100k

20. You regularly bill over £500k

21. Your boss is the worst person you’ve ever met

22. You’ve inexplicably slept with your boss and now it’s gone South

23. Your boss wants to sleep with you, but you’re not that keen

24. The concept of colleagues makes you cry

25. You’re a Spurs fan and can’t take the abuse any more

26. You’ve got no colleagues left to stab in the back

27. You’re being forced back into an office

28. Your boss has somehow become even more of a tool over lockdown

29. You know the chances of them enforcing a non-compete are minimal

30. You’ve found your Manager’s TikTok profile and now need an eye bath

31. The office dog stinks

32. You’ve gorged your way through lockdown and it’s either this or buy a new wardrobe

33. Your idea of Management is limited to the phrase ‘What we got on today folks?’

34. You’re totally out of other ideas for making money

35. You want to finally put your CIPD in Recruitment to great use

36. You’re sick of not being promoted despite steady £3k monthly billings

37. Your partner won’t listen to you and you’re hoping some Trainees might if you pay them

38. You love using the word ‘disrupt’ without any hint of irony

39. You want to service your clients in a bespoke manner and your current company’s simply not bespoke enough

40. You believe you’ve got the best morning routine out there and just need a good reason to share it online

Of course these aren’t the only reasons to start your own recruitment business.

You might have an unrivalled work ethic, a will to change the game or just a desire to sack your boss off for good.

Whatever the reason, there’s never been a better time.