Ed Hunter: 10 Recruitment Gifs

1. When your email goes down, and you HAVE to get that winning CV to the client

Car crash

2.When the company announces your record commission cheque to the whole company, and you hand in your notice

Run Forest

3. When your client says “We’re really looking for a male for this job”

Natalie Portman shave

4. When you send your “I just did a deal” email, with your fee percentage, margin and a little story about overcoming the odds. Then send it to the client

Clown Grave

5. When everyone in your team gets on the company incentive apart from you

Joey Window Rain

6. When your boss calls a meeting about the content of a forthcoming meeting

Meeting suicide

7. You: “I’m a specialist .Net recruiter…”

Client: “I’m actually looking for a Facilities Manager?”

You: “I do that also actually…”


8. When the new starter gets drunk and chatty with the boss… “Let me tell you why nobody likes it here…” 

Hand grenade

9. When you don’t realise client’s phone went to voicemail and you’re talking about last night’s escapades with your team.

Smash phone

10. When your director leaves early, so you sneak out. But they catch you in the lift on the way down.

Director: “Where are you going?”

You: “Urrm, candidate meeting?”

Awkward lift