Delivery: Five of The Best Companies if You HATE BD

For some recruiters, the thought of BD’s not a pleasant one. I break into a cold sweat just hearing the term.

When you’re working a 360 role, you might find yourself spread thinly. You could be focusing on attraction, management, research, developing new relationships or just servicing existing clients. But you have to be equally great at all of them.

So it’s easy to become frustrated. And when you’re not playing to your strengths, you become unnecessarily stressed

Many of my own friends have been forced out of the industry due to an “all or nothing” approach. And where businesses don’t offer a split of focus, your options become limited.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are more options than ever to develop a career in recruitment without the need for BD.

Here are 3 models you can base your career on

The 180 model

The traditional route for those looking to move away from BD. The responsibilities of this differs between companies. For example, 180 in one company could just be researching and resourcing. However in another, this could also include client interaction. Or everything bar winning new business.

The 120 model

This allows recruiters to really specialise in their area of strength. Be that be Research and Resourcing, Account Management and Delivery, or if you’re actually a fan of it, Business Development. Companies that have made the shift over to this model have found employees with higher levels of performance and in general, happier staff.

Embedded model

This is a hugely popular model right now. Recruiters are placed on site with a client, for a certain amount of time. They then fill their positions internally. This is something we do at Hunted. Our consultants are placed on site with our recruitment partners for a fixed term contract to focus solely on that one company filling positions from researchers up to VP level.

And just in case you’re wondering where you can find mystical roles like this… look no further.



Talent Lead at Designtalent

Sectors: Creative & Design, Tech.

Who are they: Designtalent is an Investment backed recruitment company redefining how talent attraction works. They work on in-house mandates with their clients and will tailor your job to suit both your talent and career desires. If you want to build your personal brand while working within Innovation at a different and disruptive start-up, Designtalent should be on your list.

Who would it suit: consultants within a background in UX, UI and Service design and has a design network to bring with them.


Delivery Team Leader at Nicoll Curtin

Sectors: Fintech and Change Specialists

Who are they: Nicoll Curtin established a delivery team in January which now consists of 10 people. They’re keen to take on a Delivery Team Lead to manage 4 consultants. Team Leaders and upwards are offered share options to reward company achievement and personal loyalty.

Who would it suit: someone who has had a good track record in delivery and is looking to step up in to a management role with a background in a Tech. recruitment sector.


Talent Partner at Create + Adapt

Sectors: HR & Recruitment, Marketing

Who are they: Create + Adapt is revolutionising talent acquisition. They’re a subscription-based hiring and employer branding agency that helps their customers grow a loyal talent community. You’ll be a true partner with your customers and spend plenty of time on-site with them.

Who would it suit: consultants with a couple years’ experience with a background in design. A good knowledge of mapping for this sector is also useful.


Candidate Manager at Sauce

Sectors: Digital & Media, Marketing, Office Support

Who are they: Sauce Recruitment place talent in the best Media, Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle companies around. Their Candidate Manager will support the Recruitment Manager to find skilled candidates for varied support positions, in this case for our Office Support and Ops division. You would then move in to a Consultant position with your own client base to develop and account manage.

Who would it suit: someone earlier on in their career that has had a good start but looking to move in to a 180/office manager career.


Onsite Recruiter at Recruitment Capital Ventures

Sectors: Financial Services, Banking, Digital, Media & Technology

Who are they: Recruitment Capital Ventures is an investment company that supports UK based start-ups, and high performing Recruiters to build and grow successful businesses. They’re looking for agency and in-house recruiters to join their various teams across London. They’re also looking for unique individuals who want to build their own niche start-ups in the recruitment space to invest into.

Who would it suit: entrepreneurial and wanting something a little more flexible. Well established background in recruitment so as to hit the ground running by yourself.

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Want to work for Hunted? We’ve got live roles in Customer Success, Talent Advocacy, and even our Content teams. None of which have BD elements. Click on the links to show us what you got!