Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Would you let a stranger into your room? To rummage through your drawers, inspect your things and share everything they found with the rest of the world?

Probably not. It’d be a violation of your privacy. 

But what if you’re the 1, out of every 5 UK citizens to have had your online accounts hacked into? Where someone could have enough information to pose as you, know where you live, and spend your money…

That’d make you feel vulnerable, right?

This is what many businesses would feel if their security was breached.

It’s said that almost half of all UK firms have been hit by cyber breach or attack in the past year.

From small startups to multinational corporations, everyone’s vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Money, resources and sensitive information are at stake for businesses but also consumers whose data’s at risk.

Luckily there are people out there on a dedicated mission to crack down on hackers and cyber-attackers. These are the people that are creating virtual walls, blocks and encryptions so that it can’t be intercepted, stolen, destroyed or be made unavailable for you to access.

Hey, WhatsApp?

You tell your mum what you cooked for dinner, fine… But you also send your bank details to your friends, so they can pay you back for that Nando’s… And your address when you’re home alone. This is information that could compromise your finances or worse, your safety.

However, we have cyber security experts who work at the likes of WhatsApp that’ve developed end to end encryption of messages so what you’re sending can’t be intercepted and used.

And yeah, it’s frustrating when you’ve put in your password (containing 15 characters with 3 capital letters, 4 numbers and a special character) along with your dog’s maiden name, for you to then get locked out your account because you’ve missed out the exclamation mark.

But this happens because of the cyber security specialists behind the scenes; the passionate people that care about protecting your data.

You may be sitting there thinking “So? I’m just a recruiter…”

But this is where I say, there’s a demand for your skills too in this widely advancing market.

Cyber security’s a great industry for you to specialise in at the moment. And here’s why.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.56.08

Make an impact

The people you hire make a direct impact on the security of highly important data. There’s a huge demand for cyber security specialists, now more than ever, and this is only going to increase. But the reason they’re in such high demand is the continued threat to business and life in general.

It’s worth the investment of hiring a specialist to most businesses. And where most hiring managers say they want the best person for the job. In this market, they’re more likely to mean it.

This means you’re placing true specialists and experts who directly impact the world.

It’s far better to be proactive in privacy than fork out paying a Hacker who holds your business in their hands. And you can help someone attain that proactivity.

Money Money Money

Supply and demand’s not a tricky theory to get your head round. So, just apply that to the short supply of candidates existing in Cyber Security. There aren’t enough to go around, meaning salaries rise.

And if salaries rise, not only can you charge a higher percentage for introductions. You can also choose which clients you’d like to work with. You can truly specialise and place a premium on your time. Which is any recruiter’s dream.

There’s also a far greater possibility any candidate you do have will be placed. Meaning your time’s rewarded a lot more. Productivity increases and with it your love of the job.

Aiming for a candidate short market in recruitment’s a wise strategy. All you’ll need to do is make sure you know the best people, and more importantly, make sure they know you.

Your network will make you money. So build a great one.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.57.29


In 2004, the global cybersecurity market was worth $3.5 billion,” in 2017 that number rose to more than $120 billion. In fact global spending on cyber security is expected to exceed $1 trillion cumulatively from 2017 to 2021.

So, it’s fair to say, if you’re in this market as a recruiter, you’re in at the right time.

Like investing in Bitcoin in 2010. Which, fittingly is one of the markets that benefits hugely from experts in cyber security. “Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.”

If you want to help the world, make a difference to your network and loved ones and make money whilst doing so, you’ll want to explore this market.

“Can I have the keys to the safe?”


This industry shows no signs of slowing down and will be a driving force into the foreseeable future.

So you want to join a specialist. A business known for one market. A business that has a real impact on cyber security.

You want big deals and great rewards.

The ability to travel the world. And place candidates with salaries up to £200k.

You want a boss who’s a judge at the Cyber Awards and is heavily involved in running industry events.

An employer with big growth plans in a booming industry.

A specialist agency who has investment from a larger group.

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