COVID-19 Recruitment Industry Survey Results

We surveyed over 180+ recruitment businesses on Hunted, speaking to Business Owners, Managing Directors, Internal Recruiters, Marketing Managers, and Senior Consultants, about hiring during COVID-19.

Recruitment agencies across the spectrum responded.

Over a third employ less than 10 people, just over a sixth boast headcount into three figures, and organisations of all sizes make up the businesses in between.

These are companies with a global presence, with each working around two or three distinct international markets.

Almost 80% operate in the UK, nearly half in Europe, and there are strong showings for North America, APAC, and the Middle East too.

This is a global crisis and our study represents that.

COVID-19 Recruitment Industry Survey Responses

The results…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s been a negative or significantly negative impact across the board for respondents.

No location has escaped the impact.

Although there are a few pockets within certain sectors where we have observed positive trends.

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