Companies That Dress Down The Rules

There’s an argument in some circles, that dressing down the rules on office attire should be deemed less professional.

None of those people have ever been to a client meeting where they’re the only one in a suit. And this will happen more and more as the working world relaxes their dress code.

It’s especially likely if you service industries such as Creative, Tech or the world of Startups.

Why wear a suit unnecessarily?

You deserve a place to be yourself, where you can focus on work instead of straightening your tie.

A relaxed dress code can promote diversity, increase morale and boost productivity.

Want some room to breathe? These six companies keep it casual in clothing, but professional in performance.

casual workplace


The recruiting landscape has changed. Managers and talent acquisition teams demand more than the status quo.

TRG has evolved to deliver just that.

They’re the king and queens of meet-ups, giving you opportunities to connect with the industry.

They ensure you’ll be well-equipped for the job – with an unlimited budget for events & conferences, weekly training & group sessions, and even the ability to launch your own community.

Take advantage of team holidays, weekly prizes, and early finish Fridays.

Click here to find out more.

success in recruitment

PIE Recruitment

Do you have an appetite to create new opportunities? A thirst to talk to new people?

Then PIE is for you.

They cut out the hassle and share a common goal – to do things better. This means you’ll have a team of colleagues all working for each other and a higher propensity for success.

Located in Amersham, they’re specialists in the Automotive, SAAS & Tech, and Consumer sectors.

You’ll be part of a madhouse you love – with team socials, a family environment, and incentives to fuel your motivation.

Hungry for success? Look no further.

dress down

RedCat Digital

From a bedroom in Islington to an office in the centre of Shoreditch, they’ve built a reputation in all things Digital.

With a client list including Sky, Chanel and Sofar Sounds, RedCat’s growth plans don’t stop there.

You’ll be welcomed into a strong team, who act with honesty, transparency, and integrity.

You’ll understand your key targets and receive constant training from day one. Which means you can wave goodbye to ambiguity in your career.

RedCat insist on a casual work attire, office football team, and flexi-time.

If you want a relaxed, collaborative environment at the forefront of Digital, drop them a line.

work life balance


Do your Directors value your work/life balance as much as their own?

At Usurpo that’s a given.

Located in Reading & Brighton, they work on Tech projects globally. They’re serious about growing and will soon open a third office.

They value people with ambition, integrity and a bit of flair.

So you’d be joining a team with like minded goals and a better platform to succeed from. They’ll give you all the tools to succeed, just tell them what you need.

You’ll have a productive, fun environment where everyone’s a part of the action.

You also won’t be ignored. You’ll be encouraged to openly communicate ideas and thoughts for the benefit of you, and your new team.

If you love recruitment and want a life outside work too, Usurpo is the place for you.

ethical recruitment

Amida Recruitment 

Amida are an ethical organisation, with a strong set of values guiding them along the way.

Amida believe business should create positive outcomes and treat everyone with respect.

This means they’ll not only treat you well, but implore you to do the same with your network. The results of this? You’ll have more respect and a better reputation in your market.

They’ve implemented a 2-phase training programme to develop your skills and get you ready for success.

Their positive culture will keep you motivated, engaged, and most importantly, happy.

Have fun and respect at Amida.

casual environment


A brand you can be proud of.

Futureheads is socially responsible and highly successful. They’re a diverse bunch of recruitment experts who’ve made a name for themselves in their industry.

One team, who win and lose together.

They take time to understand you as an individual and build opportunities around your unique strengths. Not pigeon hole you in a market you neither like nor understand.

You’ll be part of a collaborative and fun culture, where celebrating the good is a given.

Enjoy wellness weeks, annual trips, working from home, and more.

Ready to be a Futurehead? Get in touch.

 Breathe-easy at these six companies who understand the importance of a relaxed dress code but professional outlook.

Be yourself. Be comfortable.

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