City Limits: Why Leaving London’s A Breath Of Fresh Air

You dive onto the carriage just as the doors close.

You’re late. Obviously.

Because, once again, you snoozed your alarm. Every five minutes for an hour.

It’s boiling.

The sweat from your brow mixes with your tear sodden face. It’s another fine day, living the dream, recruiting in London.

All the seats on the train are taken. So are all the good spots to stand. Brilliant.

You’re so tightly packed in, your commute’s begun to double as a kind of first thing, impromptu bikram yoga sesh.

Which sounds horrid by itself. Except everyone smells like armpit.

‘Why do I bother?’ you think.

‘If only there were great agencies based outside of London, I wouldn’t need to spend so much of my day sardined into this tin can.’

Well, fear not. Cause we’ve got you.

If you’re getting weary of living in London, here are 6 of the top agencies on Hunted for any Recruiter looking to give the metropolis a miss.



Maidstone’s coat of arms has an Inguanadon on it. Iggy is it’s name. And Iggy’s the first dinosaur to be found on any coat of arms.

It’s not the town’s only connection to the prehistoric. In 1959, a wooly mammoth’s tooth was discovered at the Barclays on the high street.

The polar opposite of dinosaurs, movement8 are based here.

And they’re changing the face of regional recruitment.

A really forward thinking agency with an international network and no-threshold commission means you’ll have more candidates to partner with – and a mammoth amount of money in the bank.

So much so, they splashed out on taking the whole company to Cannes this year.

Propel your career, like a meteor, towards Kent.

Discover proper trajectory.


Irwin & Colton

Rickmansworth’s inside the M25, about 5 miles west of Watford, nestled in the home county of Hertfordshire.

Irwin & Colton are Health, Safety and Environment specialists, having carved out a name within a niche, lucrative sector over the last few years.

You’ll earn up to 40% of your billings here.

And after 5 years service get to enjoy a month’s sabbatical, paid.

Half of Irwin & Colton’s clients are in London and half are nationwide. And the hop into the capital’s a doddle.

Rickmansworth’s on the Met line and you’re only half an hour from Marylebone. Same in the car to Heathrow.

Meaning getting to meetings is a breeze. And actually, you’re more likely to book face to faces in bulk if you know you can clear them all in one go.

Trust me. It’s Rickmansworth it.

Redstone (1)

Redstone Search

St Albans appears in the first episode of The Inbetweeners. And completely crossing the intellectual divide, it’s also where Stephen Hawking went to school.

Legend has it Tom Cruise once stopped into favourite local restaurant, Veer Dhara, for a lobster and chicken tikka masala. How about that for a claim to fame, eh?

The city of St Albans is also home to Redstone Search, expert Recruiters in the commodities and private banking markets.

Tyttenhanger House, their grade 1 listed mansion-base of operations shares 40 acres with greenery, lakes and the odd Muntjac deer.

And they’re only 30-something minutes from Liverpool Street station.

I wrote a separate article featuring Redstone’s idyllic location. You can read that here.

Just imagine walking through those front doors every morning.

Work somewhere awesome.


RBW Consulting

Crawley’s quite a large town in West Sussex. It’s motto is “I grow and I rejoice”.

Quite a recruitment-y sentiment, I think.

I also think regional recruitment, from London looking out, has this weird and inaccurate image of only operating in less lucrative markets. As if all the best ones are in London.

Obviously, that’s a Right Bunch of Waffle. 

From here and their base of operations in life science Mecca, Boston, RBW Consulting are very much a global unit, holding their own against the heavyweights of pharma recruitment for the last 12 years.

Speaking of heavyweights (this is, admittedly, quite a tenuous link, as the chap in question was actually a middleweight) Crawley can count Olympic bronze medal winning boxer Alan Minter among it’s famous residents.

I digress. The life science market’s one of the most lucrative and innovative going. And moreover, it’s one that’s focused on ultimately making the population healthier.

RBW are pretty active at giving back to the world as well. Including their structured training program for advancing their staff.

Enter an RBWTopia.

Christy Media

Christy Media Solutions

The letters MK mean different things to different people. To some, Milton Keynes. To others, Mortal Kombat.

Except swap fatalities for networking and you’re probably a bit closer to understanding how Christy Media Solutions work.

They operate in the broadcasting and media space alongside brands like Sky, BBC, and Viacom. And they’ve been building those relationships over a 15 year history.

It’s a cool market to be inside of, particularly outside a major city. Albeit with the same kind of infrastructure you’d get from a brand in the capital.

They’ve beautiful offices. But that doesn’t stop the team getting out and about and meeting their market in Vegas, New York, Dubai, Singapore.

Having five international airports within a 90 minute drive’s important to maintaining a presence on the global stage. Although if you’re up for year-round winter sports, there’s two 220ft high real snow slopes at Snozone.

On yer skis.


Nord Recruit

Nord Recruit focus on the IT market in Scandinavia. And alongside their base in Southend-on-Sea, they’ve also got offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.

You’re actually closer than you think. Particularly if you stand at the end of Southend Pier: it’s the longest iron pleasure pier in the world at just over a mile.

You can probably wave at the guys in the Oslo office from there.

There’s 7 miles of seafront here. Handy given that Southend’s the warmest and driest place in the UK apparently.

They’ve also got their own airport. And being based in Essex, are only a quick train from London.

Nord’s market’s highly lucrative, and largely untapped. Which means your earning potential’s nothing short of incredible here.

Combine that with a tie-less environment, and a culture you’ll love walking into every day, and it’s a no(rd)-brainer.

Achieve absolutely scandi-lous billings.

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