Boutique Recruitment Agencies That Will Transform Your Career

We all know the top grumbles from consultants cutting their teeth in large corporate agencies:

– Death by KPI with a megalomaniac manager breathing down your neck

– Having ‘uncapped commission’ but a threshold so high you cry on a quarterly basis

– Operating transactional, impersonal and even unethical recruitment methodologies

Most of us have been there. And there’s no denying these businesses are great training grounds for proactive autonomous 360 recruiters.

But invariably the day comes when you’re ready for more flexibility, trust and creative license.

When you want more than your birthday off and a subsidised gym membership. When you suss out ‘Great L&D program’ only applies to your first 12 months in the role.

That’s when you’re ready for a smaller, more nimble business. Somewhere with a flatter structure and fewer compulsory Christmas party beer funnels.

Enter the fabled recruitment boutique.

The land of working from home, unique business models and having a voice.

We love to represent brands who are doing something disruptive in recruitment. Those who offer a workplace upgrade to their employees.

So, here are some of our top picks from across the globe. Some of the most unique and differentiated boutiques on Hunted.


Bloc Technology

Sydney: no suits, no egos 

Having just invested in a major facelift for their trendy Surry Hills digs, and a significant brand overhaul, Bloc Technology is a business that knows how to get ahead.

The ultimate boutique brand, Bloc are experts in enterprise software.

Showing that a high performance culture doesn’t have to come through KPI obsessed micromanagement, Bloc offer total workplace flexibility and unlimited annual leave.

The team are united by their ambition and drive, but MD Todd Sekulich has implemented an invaluable ‘no dickheads’ policy in the office.

While small and mighty, Bloc are a humble, hard working bunch. And far more likely to be found running marathons for charity than chugging beers at brunch. This thoughtful approach to their EVP extends to their compensation scheme. Bloc’s a business for high potential recruitment professionals to earn significant sums, with up to 45% commission, an annual bonus and many additional cash incentives.

They’re at that magical phase of a boutique’s life when the teething problems have been ironed out, but each team member still has a voice. This means everyone makes a genuine contribution to the shape, growth and success of the business. 



London: making data sexy

Logikk work exclusively within Data & Analytics, one of the most rapidly expanding markets globally.

They’re a progressive results focused boutique, building long term partnerships with disruptive brands of all sizes, helping them to change tomorrow’s world.

Logikk are thought leaders in Data, hosting industry events and knowledge sharing platforms around their candidate community.

This passion for their day to day spills over into the culture of the business. There’s a genuine care for wellbeing in the office, and a bespoke approach to what defines success for the team.

They target bigger picture objectives and service over sales. Prerequisites for joining Loggik include being a champion of integrity & transparency, diversity & inclusion, and office dogs!

And even the dogs are cool… Frenchies and Dachshunds all the way.


Bamboo Crowd

New York: the thinkers, makers & innovators

Since 2013, Bamboo Crowd has been positioning themselves as the name in Innovation & Strategy, Design and Operations recruitment in London and New York.

They’ve built their business around a contemporary culture of entrepreneurship rather than traditional a recruitment model.

Consultants are encouraged to experiment and challenge themselves in the pursuit of growth and knowledge, and performance is well rewarded with up to 50% commission and paid-for overseas holidays.

There are no career ceilings at Bamboo. The team’s passionate and driven, and supported to progress rapidly. Whether a ping-pong enthusiast, an amateur DJ or a CSR champion, everyone in the Crowd is down to earth and keen to collaborate. And there’s no such thing as ‘that’s not how we do it.’

Provided it’s done with integrity you’re golden. A recipe for success.



Auckland: the Who, What, Where experts

The Tribe team knows that finding the right candidate isn’t just a question of ‘Can they do it?’

Cultural fit is pivotal to a successful long term placement. They work ethically with their clients across A&F, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Ops, Digital & CI and Customer Service & Business Support.

And whilst the business has grown quickly since their inception in 2014, they’ve applied this cultural diligence to hiring for their own teams too.

You won’t find people chained to their desks. Everyone’s encouraged to get out and about. This means networking events, industry conferences, getting to know candidates and clients over dinner rather than a board room table.

And with an emphasis on balance, whilst the business celebrates everyone’s successes, nobody misses a school play, there’s time for Pilates and unsurprisingly, they’re a really happy tribe.


Boston Link

Malta: balancing beach with business

With offices in Malta, the Isle of Man and Gloucestershire, Boston Link employees have some of the best desk views in the industry.

Specialising in iGaming, Finance, Fintech and Blockchain, they’re also working in the most rapidly expanding industries. With clients across Europe, ranging from entrepreneurial tech start-ups to listed blue chip organisations.

Boston Link prides itself on being a ‘unique boutique’, with all the perks of a smaller family oriented business, while packing big-agency professional clout with their clients.

They’re very social media savvy, have a fantastic reputation and are down to earth. This means having a real people culture and they’ve even launched their own education & career development initiative, The President’s Trust. Perfetta!