5 Recruitment Agencies: Best Of Manchester

With so much recruitment done remotely – on phones, over email, LinkedIn, legging it to far away meetings – it’s easy to lose touch with your local area.

Yes you’re there every day. But aside from knowing the fastest route to the station, the best place to get coffee within walking distance of the office, and a secret nearby caff that does banging sandwiches, how much do you really experience recruitment in your city?

It’s funny then how recruitment’s got a different style depending on where in the world it’s practised. If you’ve not experienced it, you’ll have heard what recruitment’s like in London. Or New York. I can tell you what it’s like in Hong Kong.

Most people not from Manchester know it as just Manchester. A big-ish city full of football teams, bands, and mackintoshes.

One cool fact about the place is they have worker bees on all the bollards and the occasional statue, to represent the people who live there having hard work running through their veins.

And another thing you may know about the city is how they stand united in times of crisis.

There’s also some unique brands of recruitment being done here. And these agencies will give you a look at recruitment in five distinct areas of the world’s first industrialised city.

Best of Manchester (6)

The Advocate Group

Once one of the busiest ports in the UK, Salford Quays is now home to the BBC, Manchester United, and the Imperial War Museum North. It’s overlooked by The Advocate Group, covering sectors from food, drink & FMCG to engineering, media & fashion.

Their mission’s to bring a touch of executive recruitment to their day to day. And that standard of investment’s reflected in management’s approach to staff too. One of the benefits of scaling with a startup.

TAG recently introduced an in-house mortgage advisor to help Consultants further their personal lives, at the same time as excelling in their career.

Co-Directors Chris and Glen make it their business to understand their team’s aspirations in life. And give them the support to help them get there.

Check them out here.

Best of Manchester (2)


Spinningfields is the business. Quite literally. It’s perhaps not unfairly compared to Canary Wharf for it’s robust commercial development and sky scraping glass buildings. Smack bang in the centre of Manchester, it’s a recruitment hotspot.

From here, tech recruiters Knowit build product development teams for cool brands all over the globe. They were born in 2013, frustrated by an industry with a damaged reputation.

That mindset’s influenced the way they do business. From the perks they have on offer – including unheard of things like unlimited holiday – to the social proof behind their brand.

Knowit have 106 reviews on Google at the time of writing. Only three of them aren’t five stars (they’re four). That’s 103 out of 106 perfect scores.

Check them out here.

Best of Manchester (3)

Dynamic Group

Deansgate’s a mile long road that runs right through the city centre. Lined by more pubs, restaurants and bars than you’d reasonably be expected to wobble between in one go. It’s party vibes on this side of town.

Dynamic Group are based in the Barton Arcade just off Deansgate. They’re specialists in the rail and construction industries. Which is fitting given Manchester’s history with all things locomotive.

You’ll find the world’s oldest surviving terminal railway station round the corner at The Science and Industry Museum. Although the oldest railway station in use can be found in Liverpool. Although don’t tell anyone. You’ll start a rivalry.

Choose between delivery, account management, or full 360° roles and recruit into and from a part of history.

Check them out here.

Best of Manchester (5)

Portfolio Group

The Green Quarter’s where a lot of professionals live. It’s just north of the city centre and every now and again, you’ll stumble across something you won’t find anywhere else.

Portfolio Group cover Payroll, HR & Reward, Credit Control and Procurement from the Green Quarter. And from day dot make sure they’re giving their Recruiters what they need to succeed.

Consultants here get access to an employee assistance programme, market focused seminars, and one of the UK’s leading external trainers. This and over 200 years experience combined means Recruiters get a cracking start here.

Hit your quarterly targets and you’ll earn a bonus separate from your commission. Hit your annual, and you’ll qualify for promotion.

Check them out here.

Best of Manchester (4)

RG Recruitment

And finally, we leave behind the city to explore the town of Altrincham a few miles out. The star of the show here’s Altrincham Market, an excellent food market with tons of options and indoor seating. You’ll be spending your commission here.

But for good reason. RG give their Consultants everything they need to make sure they’re earning at least £7k every month. That’s not just this month, next, and next. But every month.

And they provide the tech, training, and the atmosphere to do it. They’ll celebrate your wins with you. And have your back during the tough periods.

It’s vital support when you work in challenging tech markets. Although given how they can get you from a Trainee to Managing Consultant within a year and a half, you’d think it was easy.

Check them out here.

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