Before You Pick up the Phone in 2020, Read This

If you kept up with us last year you’ll know there’s a raft of content from Hunted all designed to assist with your job. Have a refresh if you’ve not seen it.

But, 2019’s over.

Whether you billed brilliantly in the last twelve months or didn’t, it’s time to look forward at 2020 and welcome it with open arms. Because before you can blink, we’ll be looking back at this year too. So you may as well be prepared.

This checklist is your first port of call before recruiting in 2020 (before you make any real calls).

1. Billings

The first thing to do in advance of the oncoming tide is to evaluate the year you’ve just had.

The more you can work out how you brought money in, the better you’ll be equipped to do that again. And make sure your figures grow rather than stay flat.

This means breaking down the markets, tech, geographies, clients and even managers that proved to be a success. Working in recruitment means you’ll be working on a large number of vacancies and projects that don’t come to fruition. Especially if you’re working on contingent remits.

Knowing where profit was last year, will give you an idea on where it might be this year. And could make the difference between a good year and a bad one.

2. Clients

This will then give you a list of which clients you need to be targeting for the upcoming year. While it’s incredibly important to make sure new business is on this list, don’t forget to continue developing the clients you’ve already won.

Which teams could you be working with? Are there new projects with different managers that would benefit from someone who knows the business inside out? Nothing will be more frustrating that hearing your existing client solved a hiring problem you knew nothing about.

Write your new client list down.

Whether that’s on a note app or the more traditional pen and paper. Having it somewhere you can see regularly will jog your memory to make sure you’ve spoken to everyone.

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3. Candidates

The above consideration is exactly the same for candidates.

Especially if you’re working in more of a Search capacity and therefore with typically more senior candidates. You’ll know of certain people you’ve spoken with recently that are open to changes “if the right thing came along.”

2020 could be the time that thing comes along. But not if you don’t look for it.

And making sure you spend time thinking about opportunities for these people could unlock further success for you.

It might also give you a better chance of introductions to new companies at the beginning of the year. As soon as people know their hiring plans, it’s likely they’ll be open to seeing CVs. Especially given most companies will demand the right hire for the role. Even if that takes a little longer.

Get on Google now and plan your conferences and networking events throughout the oncoming year. Spread your candidate net far and wide and start talking with both candidates and clients about these events.

4. Holiday

You should never, in your life, have nothing to look forward to. Something that will drive you on. If you haven’t already, book a holiday.

Make sure your boss knows you’re planning on it and work hard until you get there.

You shouldn’t be working for someone that doesn’t appreciate you need this. Working every day of every year is commendable, but there’s no use being the best biller in the graveyard.

If you don’t have a holiday finalised, book some time out the office anyway.

Then fill that time off with adventure or relaxation.

Go and spend your hard earned commission on something you’ll remember. Yes, it’s important to have material goals. But I guarantee an amazing trip will have lot more benefits on your life. Do it. And don’t be afraid to get it planned early.

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5. Tech

We regularly provide tech ideas for your recruitment job. New, exciting tech that will cut out the mundane tasks in your week.

There’s a whole raft of apps and tech hacks out there that can really make your life easier.

You don’t have to convince your boss to switch to a new CRM or ATS. It’s much simpler than that. If you’re working at a massive company then tailor your tech plan for your immediate team. Focus on individual tools that can help with planning, organisation and making you into the best recruiter you can be.

Check some ideas out here.

Being ahead of the game is never a bad thing.

6. Manager Relationship

Whatever professional relationships you have internally at your company, making sure they’re functioning well and multi-directional is paramount.

This article will give you ways on how to manage up the chain. A hugely important part of your job.

You’ll know how much you want to put on the board this year. You’ve probably already agreed the number, or are about to. Guess what? It’ll be either the same as last year, or about a 25% increase. Why? Because that represents progression.

Sure, it depends on the market and the projected needs of your network, but it’s a good aim. And both you and your boss will be happy if you hit it.

Agreeing financial actions, along with personal aims throughout the year will help both of you.

Whoever your manager is, make sure you give them a chance to work with you for success.

Picture of Self

7. Plan for YOUR Year

The last thing you’ll need to think about this January is… you.

That’s not a suggestion to jump on the first flight to India for month with just a Yogi and dream catcher for company. Rather, assess your accomplishments and life goals for the next twelve months.

This may only apply to the company you’re currently in or it might be you see your next 12 months somewhere else.

Are you after your next promotion? Are you looking to develop a team?

Are you thinking about another part of the world?

Maybe starting a family?

Whatever personal goals you have, it’s important to think about them and plan for them.

Think less about your financial performance. More about a personal goal you can look back on this time next year and be proud of.

Once you’ve got this little list sorted, it’s time to hit the phones.

Set your goals for the year. Write them down. Then go achieve them. Don’t spend too long on goals that don’t move forward and understand that some will take more effort.

2020 could be your best year yet. All it takes is attitude and aptitude.