An Ode To Recruiters

Dear Recruiters,

No one likes you! You heard me… NO ONE LIKES YOU! Go and have a quick look on that website in front of you, LinkedIn… see?

pssst… Hunted like you! We like you a lot! So much so, we’ve written you a thank you letter. A letter to each and every one of you.

N.B. It’s not from us, it’s from all those people who may have forgotten to say it.

An ode to recruiters if you will.

So have a read, it’s here right here below this sentence. Take a peek. Then pat yourself on the back. Then get back on the phone, you’ve got candidates to place!

Kind regards,


Dear Recruiter,

1. Thank you for hoping I’m well. Always starting your emails with concern for my wellbeing is a refreshing change. I am well, thanks for asking!

2. Thank you for asking about my weekend, no one else seems interested in my personal life.

3.  Thank you for doing so much hard work behind the scenes, and working such long hours with no guarantee that your effort will bring results.

4. Thank you for being able to spell. And being diligent enough to press “Spellcheck” on word. Without this I wouldn’t have even made it to the first stage interview.

5. Thank you for changing my job titles to show what I was actually doing.

6. Thank you for having my back. For covering for me when I didn’t show up at my interview so I got a second chance with the company I now work for.

7. Thank you for negotiating a salary on my behalf.

8. Thank you for your tenacity to push for a higher amount, even after an overly generous first offer that more than met my expectations.

9. Thank you for your battle of wit with the obtuse gatekeeper. I knew they weren’t in a meeting too.

10. Thank you for securing me a role that has reduced my commute time by an hour and afforded me precious time with my family.

11. Thank you for your honest and constructive feedback that will help me better prepare for future interviews (Who knew my German Shepherd wouldn’t be OK chilling in reception?)

12. Thank you for taking my phone calls at the most unsociable hours.

13. Thank you for responding to my interview cancelation email at 01:45am even though there was no way my mind was going to be changed.

14. Thank you also, for changing my mind.

15. Thank you for helping us secure the business critical hire that has transformed our company.

16. Thank you for putting together a truly excellent shortlist the day before our budgets were slashed.

17. Thank you for keeping all the shortlisted candidates warm when there was relatively slim to no chance of us progressing with any of them.

18. Thank you for all your tireless work securing me the exact dream job I outlined to you.

19. Thank you for not shouting at me when I ended up taking the counter-offer.

20. Thank you for being so patient with me: building our relationship over years, sharing market insights and latest news that impact my industry.

21. Thank you for continuing to do so when I always led you to believe I would consider my options in the near future… but never actually came close to leaving my role.

22. Thanks for persisting with calls to my mobile, landline, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Viber.

23. Thank you for changing my CV into word format. I’m sorry it took you 3 hours but MS Word just isn’t a widely used programme.

24. Thank you for filling in my timesheet for me. Money’s not the reason I go to work, I just love my boss.

25. Thank you for sitting on that job board until the 23rd page. And sorry my CV isn’t suited to SEO.

26. Thank you for not being annoyed when I took a month out of my contract to go on holiday

27. Most of all recruiters, thank you for being you! At Hunted, we love great recruiters! Come and see the wonderful app we’ve built for you.

With all our love.