9 Reasons You Should Never Relocate Abroad

Travelling. Seeing the world. Broadening your horizons. Experiencing life in other parts of the world.

What an annoyance.

You shouldn’t be looking at living and recruiting abroad. But in case you are, here are some reasons not to.

1. You don’t like adventure

Working abroad isn’t for boring, run of the mill characters. It takes a streak of adventure that will push you to do things that excite you. Have you ever been on an amazing holiday and come back and felt glad to be home? Do you ever look at old photos of a certain life-changing trip and are thankful you’re now back safe in the drizzle?

If so, working abroad isn’t for you.

Dig those slippers out.

2. Your skill set isn’t transferable

Do you work in a job that’s only applicable to one country?

Maybe there just aren’t many companies hiring abroad that would be happy to take someone on of your skill set. It’s a fair reason to stay put and only ever experience one way of life.

If you look on LinkedIn and can only see one country represented in your chosen career, then your opportunity for moving abroad will probably be quite slim.


3. You hate culture

Not everyone’s a culture vulture.

We’re not all interested in exploring different places.

It’s absolutely fine to live in a bubble and no one’s ever been looked down on if they only have one viewpoint to draw on.

In fact, many of the world’s leading thinkers have stayed within walking distance of their birthplace for the entirety of their lives.

Horizons aren’t meant to be broadened and learning about the world is so overrated.

Stick to what to you know.

4. You prefer to play things safe

OK… so you’re adverse to risk.

You’re one of those people who’s happy to settle. There’s nothing wrong with that. Many people have been just fine not wondering ‘what if?’

You’ve never sat there and wondered what winning the lottery would be like. You’ve never even played the lottery.

If someone offered you a chance to earn more money by working a bit harder, you’d probably turn it down.

There’s nothing you’re aspiring to in life really.

Stay in the comfort zone friend. It’s safe there.


5. You don’t want to advance your career

Have you ever looked at someone earning more money, in a more senior position, with a better standard of life and thought… “NO. THANKS… I’m more than happy in this junior position thank you very much.”

In that case you’re definitely not suited to moving abroad.

Your current skill set has got you to this point in life, and will probably do you proud for the rest of it.

6. You don’t want to make more money

Look, we all know this. Money’s overrated. Yes it makes things easier, and affords you a better life, creates possibilities, and in turn more security. But it’s overrated.

If you have money you’ll probably spend it having to go on holiday or buying property. No one wants that. 

Run Beach

7. You’re not very independent

Are you looking at life right now thinking “I’m too independent here. If anything, I’ve got too much choice.”

They say variety’s the spice of life. But who likes spice? Being bland is a far better alternative. That’s why you have the same thing to eat every day. It’s why you do the same thing every weekend. Put the shackles back on. Stay in your current town.

If possible, move back in with your parents.

They know what you like and have probably kept your room the same in the hope it will happen anyway.

8. You like paying a lot of tax

You probably look at your paycheque at the end of the month and are upset you weren’t able to give more of it away.

It’s a shame it’s only 20% in the UK. If we were able to donate more of it to causes we might not agree with we’d all be happier. The only reason you should be looking to move abroad in this case is to a country that pays more tax than the country you’re currently in. Not like Singapore, or North America, or Hong Kong, or Australia, or New Zealand for example.


9. You hate the sun

Vitamin D from that big ball of fire in the sky has been proven to improve your mood and your health. What a nightmare. If there’s any kind of weather that will really cheer you up, it’s the combo of wind and rain. Ideally set against a grey backdrop.

Other things I’ll put on this disastrous list: mountains, beaches, lakes, nature, forests, green fields, fresh air, excitement. Bleurgh. No thanks.

Fairly obviously, you probably won’t agree with any of the points in this list.

If you work in recruitment, you have an unbelievable opportunity to see the world. To advance your career. To seize adventure. Take in other cultures. Make some life changing money. Improve your life. We even produce this helpful series on the subject.

It doesn’t have to be forever. Unless you want it to be.

Don’t be pigeon-holed.

Find a job abroad and see the world.